10 Reasons Why 2014 is the Year of Colorado – Part Two.

Almost half way through this amazing year, 303 Magazine thought of 10 new reasons why 2014 is the Year of Colorado. From Summer concerts, to rooftop patios, to record-breaking marijuana celebrations, here are ten reasons why 2014 is still the year of Colorado. This state just won’t quit.

1. The Great Outdoors

Colorado outdoors, photo by Darian Simon.

Colorado outdoors, photo by Darian Simon.

Colorado is the most scenic place in the country. Don’t believe me? Just look West. If 303 Magazine had a Tinder, our bio would read, “loves mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking,” or any combination of the above. Get outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful state you live in. Be sure to follow our Instagram for Colorado-centric photography you won’t find anywhere else!

2. Denver Fashion Weekend

Denver Fashion Weekend from The Look Salon, photo by Jeremy Stephen

Denver Fashion Weekend from The Look Salon, photo by Jeremy Stephen.

2014’s Spring Denver Fashion Weekend was the most successful fashion show we have ever produced. Charlie Price really outdid himself and all the amazing hard work paid off. Denver is on the come up in style and design, and your friends at 303 Magazine are leading the way. The show boasted stunning looks from Mondo Guerra, Burton, MINI, The Look Salon, Three Cutters on Pearl Salon, Mode Salon, J Audrey, Jiberish, TikWid, and many more! The talent of hairstylists and designers meant a sold-out three night run at City Hall. DFW fashion shows buzz with energy and excitement, and the Summer Poolside Fashion Series will be no exception. Anything by DFW producer Charlie Price, publisher Ab Aharonian, and Editor Lindsay Maynard is guaranteed to be the best fashion show in Denver. Save the dates and get your tickets to the Poolside Fashion series today! 

3.Urban Contemporary Art

Colorado mural, photo by Lindsey Bartlett

Colorado mural by Gamma Acosta, photo by Lindsey Bartlett.

Denver is home to some ridiculously talented artists. 303 Magazine’s own Concrete Canvas gives local and international artists the spotlight with their new, unique, and contemporary street art. Even heavy hitters like Red Bull’s Canvas Cooler Project chose Denver as one of a handful of stops on their national curating tour. Other visceral events include the Denver Chalk Festival May 31st-June 2nd, the Colorado Crush street art event on Larimer in July and DAM’s newest renovation and gallery opening for the Summer season. This wildly popular mural pictured above was done behind Certified Customs on South Broadway by Gamma Acosta. Follow the artist on Instagram and keep up with his work. Don’t forget to support your local Colorado galleries on first Friday!

4. April 20th 

April 20th 2014 at Civic Center Park, photo by Romano Tafoya.

April 20th 2014 at Civic Center Park, photo by Romano Tafoya.

This year, Colorado drew more tourists for the legal cannabis celebration than anywhere in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people came to town and sold out hotels, packed events like the High Times Cannabis Cup, and limitless concerts and celebrations. The largest gathering in the country at 4:20 PM on April 20th 2014 was at the 4/20 Rally at Civic Center Park. 303 Magazine photographer Roman Tafoya was in the midst of the action and snapped this legendary photo. See his full gallery here, and find out more about the crazy cannabis events in Denver each year.

5. Epic Summer Concerts

Ellie Goulding at Red Rocks, photo by Darian Simon

Ellie Goulding at Red Rocks, photo by Darian Simon.

The most famous musicians in the world go out of their way to play in Denver. Like the beautiful Ellie Goulding in her show with Conway to start the Red Rocks Spring season! Colorado’s outdoor venues absolutely kill it. We’ve already compiled a list of the absolute best, under-the-stars camping festivals in Colorado. A few that come to mind are Riot Fest, The Telluride Bluegrass Fest, and Sonic Bloom for the first time in South Park, Colorado. All of these upcoming Colorado concerts are going to be great, and many made so by our next reason…

6. Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, photo by Darian Simon.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, photo by Darian Simon.

If heaven were an amphitheatre, it would be Red Rocks in the summer. Red Rocks has become one of the most sought-after venues in the world. Literally. Some upcoming shows at this world renowned local venue include Skrillex and Chance the Rapper on June 21st, Bassnectar May 30th & 31st, John Butler Trio June 6th, The Fray June 8th, Blues Traveler on July 4th, Global Dance fest July 18th-20th, Pretty Lights August 8th & 9th, plus tons more. Read our breakdown of the best EDM shows on the rocks for May, plus look for concert coverage and galleries on our website this season! If you have yet to go to a show at Red Rocks, you haven’t lived.

7. The Colorado Rockies

Dinger at the Grand Opening of Union Station, photo by Roman Tafoya

Dinger at the Grand Opening of Union Station, photo by Roman Tafoya.

303 Magazine loves the Rockies, the Avalanche, and the Broncos all year long. Nothing gets a true Colorado sports fans blood racing like the NFL draft. Holly Osborn has the exclusive 303 Magazine Broncos coverage, including the first round picks for draft. Can you tell we can’t wait for this next season? Plus we loved watching the Avalanche plow through the playoffs (no matter how short lived), and there is nothing better in the summer than enjoying Coors Field at a Rockies game. You can find us on the rooftop bar, eating a hotdog, drinking a local brew, and rooting for the home team.

8. Restaurant Boom

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Gozo’s Short Ribs. Photo by Caitlin Savage.

Denver is experiencing a true restaurant renaissance. With over 200 new restaurants opening last year alone, it is no doubt that Denver will become the next foodie capitol. Some of our favorite new restaurants  include Gozo on South Broadway, Lower48 Kitchen in Ballpark, and Work and Class in the RiNo district. Eating possibilities seem endless when almost every Denver neighborhood has something new and exciting to offer. Make sure to always check the Food & Booze department for updates on the latest openings.

9. Architecture

The new Union Station, photo by Roman Tafoya

The new Union Station, photo by Roman Tafoya.

The brand new Union Station is just one of the many insane, monumental, and contemporary pieces of architecture being added to the Mile High City. Keep an eye out for amazing creations from design firms like Tres Birds Workshop based out of Denver and favorite local architects behind the Broadway Triangle Art Wall, as well as a groundbreaking new project called Lumina. Other favorite spots include the Taxi II district, the recycled shipping container building in RiNo that boasts TOPO Designs, Work & Class, and Huckleberry Roasters, plus many more.

10. The Colorado Bucket List

303 Magazine Pool Party Series at the Breakers Resort

303 Magazine Pool Party Series at the Breakers Resort.

There is so much to do in this beautiful state when the weather heats up; thankfully, the season is just getting started. 303 Magazine compiled an adventurers bucket list for the Coloradoan this Spring and Summer. Bests include the 303 Magazine Pool Parties and Poolside Fashion Shows beginning June 8th, plus fun things to do like the hike at Hanging Lake in Glennwood Springs, Denver Cruisers, rooftops, farmers markets, shows, and much more!

Be sure to follow 303 Magazine on Facebook and Instagram for all the Colorado-centric photography you can handle! Look in our gallery page and on our website for the best Denver events and coverage all Summer long!

Denver Fashion Weekend backstage gallery, photo by Glenn Ross.

Denver Fashion Weekend backstage gallery, photo by Glenn Ross.

Colorado 420 Rally, photo by Roman Tafoya

Colorado 420 Rally, photo by Roman Tafoya.

Haim at the Ogden, photo by Jerusailem Geb.

Haim at the Ogden, photo by Jerusailem Geb.

Red Rocks in the summertime, photo by Adam Ripplinger.

Red Rocks in the summertime before Gramatik, photo by Adam Ripplinger.