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Stage Door: Avenue Q’s Laura Yumi Snell

After growing up in a world surrounded by shows like Sesame Street or the Muppets teaching about how to live life, it’s only natural you’d want to have more puppets guiding you through adult troubles. Well, c...
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Coby Getzug: He IS Moritz Stiefel

"I definitely don’t feel famous," says Coby Getzug. He's explaining to me the feeling of emerging from the stage door to find almost a hundred people screaming, snapping photos and vying for a signature from him. "For a minute I was like who am I?"
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Stage Door: The Diviners

Set in Indiana during the Great Depression, The Diviners focuses on C.C. Showers, a man determined to forget his past as a preacher.  However, he meets Buddy Layman, a young boy with an innocent if slow mind, a...

MMJ DJ: Mix Master Mike

Mix Master Mike--The Serial Wax Killer--shares the bill with Mickey Avalon, Asher Roth and Denver's own Flobots this weekend at KushCon II, a medical marijuana convention at The Denver Convention Center.
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Stage Door: Jam Packed Holiday Fun for All Ages

It's finally here. The time of year when everyone digs out the good ole' Christmas decorations and puts them on display for all to see. It's a time of year that although we've been oversaturated and bogged down...