Stage Door: Jam Packed Holiday Fun for All Ages

It’s finally here. The time of year when everyone digs out the good ole’ Christmas decorations and puts them on display for all to see. It’s a time of year that although we’ve been oversaturated and bogged down by constant advertisements for “that perfect gift”, we still jump around like giddy school children when we see Rudolph on television, or a Santa Claus booth in the mall.

To me, Christmas has always been a time to share with family, but besides overstuffing our face with delicous food and hot beverages or zonking out in front of the television watching EVERY CHRISTMAS MOVIE POSSIBLE, it’s nice to go out and do things. So here’s some activities for the Holiday season that are a must.


For those you, seeking that happy-go-lucky, predictable Christmas story, Reckless is far from anything of that nature. Rachel Fitzsimons loves Christmas: Bing Crosby on the radio, giving gifts, the reminders of childhood, the way snow sucks up sound, even the way television stores up all the happy news for Christmas Eve. She’s so euphoric, babbling under the covers as Santa’s making his rounds, that she’s prepared to forgive her remote husband, Tom, for not buying the Christmas present she wants most, a puppy. But he has a more expensive surprise for her, which he remorsefully confesses in the nick of time: he’s taken out a contract on her life.

From then on, Rachel meets an assortment of characters that continue to add their share of hidden complexities to Rachel’s already complicated life. Reckless is the title, but it’s quite possibly the theme for the entire show as each reckless decision creates the wonderful wild ride.

Click here to see showtimes, purchase tickets or learn more about Denver Center Theatre Company.

  • ARVADA CENTER: Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Schoolhouse Rock was not new by any means when I grew up, however, my parents invited me into a world where you could learn to multiply, about the planets or even how a bill becomes a law all by singing a song—I was hooked. Despite premiering in the early 70s, Schoolhouse Rock is still loved by children today, and the Arvada Center Children’s Theatre is proud to present Schoolhouse Rock Live!

The Cast of Schoolhouse Rock Live!

The setup for the stage version is this: Tom is a newbie teacher who’s anxious about his first day of school. Somehow a bunch of characters jump out of his brain, and they proceed to show him cool ways to teach kids about nouns, verbs, science and civics – all the stuff that’s overwhelming him.

“If what I do on stage inspires even one kid to act or follow his dreams, then that makes it all worth it,” says LaFontaine, who plays Coolroy.

Visit, to learn more about all the amazing activities going on at the Arvada Center.

  • CHRISTMAS REVELS: In Celebration of the Winter Solstice

This Christmas Revels show is set in the Medieval and Renaissance days, with glorious Christmas carols, songs, and dances of the warmest season and the darkest time of the year. This is a don’t-miss holiday show for all ages, conjuring up all of the Revels traditions including The Lord of the Dance, sing-a-longs, St. George and the Dragon in The Mummer’s play, Father Christmas, Dona Nobis Pacem, and the Revels Children’s Chorus. This show, the 10th annual, is produced by Rocky Mountains Revels. There are only 10 organizations around the U.S. who produce The Christmas Revels shows.

For more information on the origins and purpose of Revels,

Dates:  December 12 & 18, 2 p.m. & 7 p.m.
Location:  Boulder Theater, downtown Pearl Street Mall, Boulder
Tickets: $13 to $32,, 720-786-7030
Ages: Everyone!


Tradition is a wonderful thing, many of us strive each year to find and witness some annual production of A Christmas Carol so that we can walk away with a new warm and fuzzy feeling. The Denver Center Theatre Company’s adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens story of the redemption of the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge practically jumps out at the audience under the direction of Bruce K. Sevy. Giant set pieces roll on and off the stage, the large cast frolics in various well-choreographed scenes of merry making, and ghosts magically appear in unexpected places. But beneath all the showmanship and elaborate set design is a story with real heart, embodied most in the members of the Cratchit family–including the oh-so-cute Tiny Tim. Despite the familiar spectacle of such an elaborately orchestrated Christmas story, Sevy takes the time to let his characters delve into their emotions, which allows the audience to do the same.

Click here to see showtimes, purchase tickets or learn more about Denver Center Theatre Company.


  • ARVADA CENTER: A Christmas Carol: The Musical (click here to see what I thought of the production)

Also if you haven’t reserved your tickets to see IRVING BERLIN’S WHITE CHRISTMAS @ Town Hall Arts Center, now is the time. Click here to purchase tickets online or call 303.794.2787. If you look closely you will see yours truly.

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