It’s the classic story of star-cross’d lovers, he a Montague and she a Capulet. The only difference from the tale we are accustomed to, is there are no words to share emotions, the entire story is told in movement and music.

Maria Mosina - Romeo Juliet 2011, Photo by Terry Shapiro

Gill Boggs, Colorado Ballet’s artistic producer, creates a masterpiece with Romeo & Juliet. From the first moment of Sergei Prokofiev’s score, the audience is ripped from their seats and thrown into a world of beauty and love.

While the stage production of Romeo & Juliet may be difficult, the ballet version is even more difficult. The title roles require an exceptional amount of skill and technique which is why the Colorado Ballet features three rotating casts giving each performance is its own unique approach.

While artistic direction, great sets, beautiful lighting and costumes can outline a show, what’s really needed to bring it to life is absolute belief and commitment on the part of the lovers at its heart, a grand gesture of truth. Our two principals bring that and more to the stage. Together they are heavenly, they are those dancers who seems to regard the stage as a place where they instinctively belong.

Maria Mosina and Alexei Tyukov - Romeo Juliet 2011, Photo by Terry Shapiro

But what exactly goes into creating such a masterpiece? Dancers prepare for months in rehearsals and inside studios, learning choreography and perfecting subtle movements. Ballet requires strength, balance and control and like sports and other physically demanding jobs, there is often a career time limit. All the dancers in this production are leaving their mark, proving that they are committed for the long haul.

Romeo & Juliet might be a classic staple for ballet companies but without a doubt it is a perfect staple for the community. There will always be little girls dreaming of playing the fair, Juliet Capulet so with a title that is instantly recognizable, a plot that is completely timeless and Gill Boggs leading the charge, the Colorado Ballet production of Romeo & Juliet is easily a success.  Stay tuned to find out what’s next season at the Colorado Ballet.