Denver Fashion Week Announces Winners of Entertainer Competition

Denver Fashion Week (DFW) announced a competition last week looking for local entertainers to perform. Judges were comprised of 303 Magazine’s music editor, Thomas Rutherford, 303’s fashion editor Lauren Lippert, DFW’s production team and 9News Entertainment News Anchor Erica Lopez. They voted for the top eight and then you voted for the four winners.

Here is who you picked and the nights that you can see them.

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Streetstyle – Jon Rubio

Audience members attending the Nov. 14 show can not only expect to see some of the best local streetwear but also a performance by Jon Rubio.

Rubio is a Latino Hip-Hop artist who also plays drums for the beloved local band, Los Mocochetes. He grew up in a musical household with his father playing piano, guitar and drums around the house. He’s carried these early musical experiences with him throughout his life, developing an eclectic, genre-defying sound of his own. Able to switch seamlessly between Spanish and English when rapping, his music features incredibly unique production that has allowed him to grow into the personification of the streets of Denver.

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Sustainable – Carter Fleniken

Carter Fleniken will make their debut runway performance on Wednesday, November 14.

Fleniken’s voice sounds like something out of time, a relic from the days of smoke-filled coffeehouses where art and revolution intertwined. Yet, their music is decidedly modern. It’s wistful and pining as it washes through those who hear it, allowing them to see through decades and make some sort of sense of the turbulent beauty that’s so vibrantly alive in this modern era. Their’s is the kind of music that endures and sustains through time which makes Fleniken the perfect representative for the Sustainable stage.

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Society – Black Madonna

On Thursday, Nov. 16, Society will showcase Couture/high-end fashion and a Black Madonna performance.

Spring Page also known as Black Madonna is something of an enigma. Her music effortlessly moves between hip hop, R&B and pop and she dowses the whole thing in vibrant color that makes her art feel totally alive. She will be making her musical debut on Thursday, November 16 during DFW’s Society.

Page is an upcoming singer who writes lyrics based on personal experiences. Her energy on stage combined with her personalized lyrics go hand in hand with the Coutre-esque evening. Growing up, Page auditioned for America’s Got Talent and The X Factor. 

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Couture – Sauce. K

D’Angelo Garza or Sauce. K is a rapper based in Greeley who started producing music his freshman year of high school and then decided to shift to hip hop his senior year. Garza grew up surrounded by music – his grandpa would show videos of him playing in a band as a teenager. This then inspired Garza to pursue music.

When he initially started, he had no production equipment and produced music from his bedroom. Now, he’s been featured in countless publications and recognized by 50 Cent. Garza has peaked at 15 on the UK Top 30 Rap charts on iTunes, has won Best Musician of Greeley three times, been awarded six plaques from The Music Streaming awards and more. 

See Sauce. K grace the runway on Saturday, November 18 during Couture.

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