New Colorado Music You Should Know — February Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to [email protected] for consideration.

January is gone, and the Month of Love is coming in hot. Although, if you’ve been outside lately, that might be hard to believe. Well, we’re here to tell you that there are plenty of local tunes to keep you company while you dodge the snowy weather and sub-zero temperatures. From hometown favorites like N3ptune to upcoming indie-rock acts like Tiny Tomboy, there’s something this month for fans of every genre. We even included some house and dubstep music, if that’s your thing. If you prefer hip-hop, Schama Noel and SF1 have you covered.

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Five Up & Coming Local Acts

Tiny Tomboy

Listen if you like The Velveteers

Tniy Tomboy makes indie-rock music with a fun, noisy twist. They recently held a “denim prom” at The Black Buzzard, with support from Sponsored Content and The Bannetons, if that gives you any idea about their lively approach to rock and roll. The star of the show, in my opinion, is the lead singer and guitar player, who constantly delivers raging guitar solos and slightly psychedelic passages.


Listen if you like Late Night Radio

A master of electrofunk, PHYPHR has been jamming his way across the Colorado stages for a couple of years now, but he’s yet to release a proper album. Thankfully, that’s changing on February 24th with his debut album, Catalyst, Featuring collaborations with fellow Colorado acts including Manic Focus. PHYPHR’s smooth, funky style is quickly garnering attention, both locally and nationwide. And for good reason — his live approach to DJing and producing is a sight to see.

Grace DeVine

Listen if you like Omar Apollo

Grace DeVine is a relatively new, warm presence in the Denver music scene. Her sunflower vibes and indie-pop aesthetic matches her fun-loving melodies and peachy lyrics to create the sound of an early morning sunrise casting shadows in a freshly-planted garden. “Holy,” her recent collaboration with Ronan Andrews, lead singer of Denver-based indie-soul band, Fresh Fruit, is a perfect example.


Listen if you like Rüfüs Du Sol

CLRBLND is exactly what you’d expect from Michael Bolland, who has previously lent his creativity to Who’s Calling’s electro-indie performances at Meow Wolf and High Ground. “Falling Out,” CLRBLND’s first and only release, is a nocturnal house vibe with an indie flair. Think Rüfüs Du Sol, with a purple aura and subtle guitar lines.


Listen if you like Mersiv

Denver is considered “the bass capital of the world” for good reason, and we give credit where credit is due — and it’s obvious THRASHA deserves some credit. She’s been cosigned by industry leaders like Mersiv and A Hundred Drums, and she’s even headlined the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins. Her aggressive dubstep style is loud and even mid evil at times. If Merlin listened to dubstep, this would be his walkout song as he stepped onto the battlefield.

Five New Local Songs

Break Science — Mecha Flora

Listen if you like Pretty Lights

Denver-based duo, Break Science, is back with their first full-length album since 2018’s Grid Of Souls. This time around, they’ve delivered a lofi jam track with their single “Mecha Flora.” The track combines synths, tambourines and shakers to create the soundtrack to your next Colorado adventure.

Fresh Fruit! — Dance

Listen if you like Poolside

Fresh Fruit! Is back with a new EP, Wonderlime — their first project since the impressive “Independently” EP, released in 2021. “Dance” is just one groovy, indie-soul track on the seven-track project, but if you’re the kind of person that dances around your kitchen while your eggs scramble, turn this tune on and let the groove take over.

Manic Focus — You Do You

Listen if you like GRiZ

Recent Colorado-transplant and funky bass aficionado, Manic Focus, recently dropped the first single teasing his new album, set to release this Spring. “You Do You” is a self-proclaimed “return to my blues electronic style” for Manic Focus — and it makes sense. There’s a certain twang to “You Do You” that blends with the funky bass perfectly.

The Motet — Back Seat

Listen if you like STS9

“Back Seat,” the first track off The Motet’s new album, “All Day,” is a modern funk tune with all the bells and whistles — horns, screeching synths, whirling, groovy guitar lines and even bongos show up at different parts in this sonic adventure. Did I hear a talk-box in there too? This one has it all.


Listen if you like GoldLink

Led by bongos and layered percussion, SF1 begs us to “get down” to his new single — a dance-hop tune with tropical flair. If you’re looking for an excuse to shake your hips, you’ve found it.

Five New Local Music Videos

N3ptune — Black Horse

Listen if you like Cold War Kids

It’s quickly becoming clear that N3ptune is much more than a musician. He’s a multifaceted creative, and his newest music video for the soul-rock anthem, “Black Horse,” is a perfect example. It’s pure rock and roll — from the black and white style to the ritualistic smashing of a guitar, this one’s got it all.

Big Doggy x Zany Inzane x Schama Noel — Microphone

Listen if you like

Schama Noel really tapped into his bag on “Microphone,” an eccentric, global collaboration with Sri Lankan rappers Big Doggy and Zany Inzane. “Microphone” is a contagious demonstration of hip-hop’s undeniable groove — you don’t need to understand the lyrics to enjoy the track, although if you take a deeper dive you’ll find some great bars across the board.

Tennis — Let’s Make a Mistake Tonight

Listen if you like ABBA

Colorado-based husband and wife duo, Tennis, delivered a disco-inspired video for their latest single, “Let’s Make a Mistake Tonight,” which features floating pianos, colorful melodies, big, 80s-style hair and a dazzling dress. If you like to disco, this is for you.

Elektric Animals — Waterfall (at The Keep)

Listen if you like Cage The Elephant

Elektric Animals is as modern-rock as it gets. Loud guitar riffs, crooning vocals, and just a dash of piano scattered throughout their track, “Waterfall (at The Keep),” were all captured on camera as the band recorded the song at The Keep, a recording studio in Denver. It’s a simple video, and honestly, more of a live recording than a music video. But hey, it’s an endearing peak into the creative process, and that’s all we can ask for.

Trash. — Harm official music video

Listen if you like Paramore

“Harm,” is what happens when you combine loud guitar harmonics with killer drums and a strong vocal lead. It’s loud, its emotional, and it’s arguably Trash.’s most gripping song to date. The video features some emo-rock motifs, including a poorly lit room with drab concrete walls, shattering objects and smashing gear. To be honest, that’s exactly what this track sounds like, and the band nailed the presentation.