What You Missed—Denver Fashion Week Day Seven: National

Day Seven of Denver Fashion Week at the Sports Castle, a Non-Plus Ultra Venue introduced Denver’s fashion community to national brands MadVan Design, Giulianelli Designs, Bukkyara, Creative Clother, and Geo in Style. With looks transporting the audience from childhood to the future, Day Seven: National was a Saturday night you did not want to miss. 

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 MadVan Design

Designer Madison Vanderlingen opened night seven and the crowd was not disappointed. Vanderlingen’s designs filled the runway with tulle skirts, stuffed animal purses, primary colors and floral, textured robes—a collection of designs that wowed the audience and sparked inspiration within the community. Kylie Klein closed the show in an exquisite white gown, accompanied by her suited mystery man with a pink feline stuffed animal head and a gold chain collar. The models sported exaggerated blush furthering that feeling of childhood nostalgia. Combining doll-like outfits with female empowerment, the audience was left buzzing and craving more.

Giulianelli Designs 

Designer Micaela Giulianelli excited the audience for spring with modern, high fashion designs. Giulianelli designs came out strong on top of this season’s trends. The clothing captured a chic, western energy while incorporating an edge of modernism through leather capes and rope. With sheer pant legs, silk dresses, and unique texture— it was clear Giulianelli Designs knew what the people wanted.



Bukkyara wowed the crowd opening the show with loud music, followed by a model in a royal blue pants suit and gold detailing. Designer Bukola Araoye design’s took modest looks and gave them a festive touch. With use of sparkles, ruffles, and asymmetry—the audience was left in awe of a world outside their own. Designs featured Gatsby-esque suits and a new take on the sheer trend. The show closed with a lavish ball gown and a glistening tiara—leaving the audience feeling like they were a part of their very own Snow White fairytale. 

Creative Clother

Designer Dakota satisfied the audience’s inner indie sleaze by bringing designs featuring feathers, corsets, gloves, pearls, tulle, and more. The designs— combined with striking, bird-like makeup— transformed the models into feathered creatures as they took the runway last night. Models wore muted tones while incorporating tulle and gloves, bringing grunge in a contemporary way. The final look was a dress made completely out of zippers, proving once again the talent designer Dakota has when it comes to handmade pieces. 

GEO in Style

GEO In Style closed out night seven with a bang. With looks featuring leather, chains, arm cuffs, capes and reflectors— the crowd was transported into a futuristic daydream. Models wore pieces with contrasting fabrics complete with black buckles and the GEO logo printed on all garments. Specializing in high fashion streetwear, designers Nia, Nino and M.G. Megi Gabunia brought a taste of Europe to Denver’s home fashion scene. Looks included pea coats with leather shoulder padding and ropes hanging off the back, metallic pants, bags hanging off suspenders and leather body pieces. GEO In Style left the audience eager for the chance to fulfill their European fantasy.

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See Night Seven Street Style, Step and Repeat and Gallery Photos

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco.  Street style gallery by Roxanna Carrasco. Step and Repeat by Jeff Fried.

Hair: Rebecca Glover, Shoshanna Detrick, Rachel Koeppen, Yaeslin Meran, Bee Barnack, Joshua Halladay, JJ Dymond-Tynes, Chad Smith, Dakota Malacara, Paul Salas, Aleether-Christine Threlkel and Jaylene Banning

Makeup: Kyle Hamilton, Nelly Hernandez, Yahaira Bactista, Hakima Afiri, Tracie Bethea, Leah Llanes, Jordyn Arielle

Head of Hair: Paul Salas

Head of makeup: Jordyn Arielle