Pop-Up Nightlife Event, Cadenza, Went Off With a Bang

Cadenza, Denver’s newest monthly pop-up nightlife experience hosted by Denver’s 303 Magazine, pulled out all the stops this past Saturday, June 18. If you were able to stop by the party at Void Studios, which ran into the wee hours of Sunday morning, you know all about the amazing madness that ensued. Drinks were poured, people danced and circus performers twirled and stunted all under the bright lights and energetic music of distinguished Denver-based DJ’s, DJ Vedic, DJ Viktop, and DJ Ofir.

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Among the names behind the musical magic that set the tone at Cadenza was Denver-native, DJ Vedic. “I don’t play often here in Denver but playing the first CADENZA party and being a part of that vision that 303 Magazine has is great,” said Vedic.

As I carried my hand held video camera to my face and began getting clips, I could not help bump my head to the tech-house music DJ Vedic was serving up. Before I knew it, I was out on the dance floor getting down with the tireless crowd, honestly forgetting, just for a moment, that I had a job to do.

Meet CADENZA’s Late-Night DJ: Vedic

In addition to DJ Vedic were performances by DJ Ofir and DJ Viktop. DJ Ofir brought down the house with a wildly energetic tech-house set. As the music built, people gathered on the floor, dancing close and having a blast. When the beat dropped, the feeling inside the space was electric. DJ Viktop’s sound was brilliantly refreshing. The Miami native got the crowd warmed up with his signature groovy beats and balmy melodies mixed with dance-worthy bass undertones. His sound is uplifting and makes you feel like you’re dancing with the love of your life on Miami Beach. You don’t want to miss out on his new releases and bumping shows when he’s in town.

What made the event even more amazing and pleasantly over-the-top were the circus performers. As the music played, the performers danced and put on an unforgettable show. While one performer seamlessly walked on stilts, another juggled glowing bowling pins like it was a cakewalk. From extreme hula hoopers to beautiful dancers who contorted high in the air while seemingly floating on rings, the performers did not miss a beat.

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Along with the entertainment of live music and circus performers, 303’s first installment of the pop-up series featured three local fashion designers: Sliv Life, Killionaire and Rael Cohen Jewelry, who showcased select pieces from their brand’s collections. 

Sliv Life

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With one-of-a-kind pieces that include funky patterns with vibrant pops of colors, Sliv Life definitely knows how to stand out. When you talk to Cameron Connolly, founder of Sliv Life, and see his exuberant smile, it is clear that he is on a mission to spread positivity. From an early age, Connolly found fashion to be a productive and exciting way to express himself. However, in his 20’s, life threw some hard punches at Connolly. From battling cancer to subsequently falling into drug and alcohol addiction, Connolly realized he needed a positive outlet to get himself back again. For him, that outlet was his love for fashion. Now sober, Connolly floods his creativity into his clothes and his brand Sliv Life with the mission to promote individuality and inspire people to go after their goals and dreams.

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“The Denver-based streetwear brand, Killionaire, is known for its trendy and intricately detailed jackets, sets and more,” wrote 303 Fashion Editor Abby Schirmacher in an article about Moses Kisale and his brand Killionaire earlier this year. Kisale continues to be a heavy hitter in Denver’s fashion scene. Between a recent appearance at Denver Fashion Week, hosting “Succesex,” a live art exhibition in Denver, and starring in a documentary that chronicles his life as a designer, Kisale and his brand Killionaire have been steadily gaining recognition and clout among the fashion community.

Kisale is all about using his platform to celebrate local artists, Black culture and bringing youth together. One of the ways Kisale prioritizes his young fans is by making affordable clothing for his audience. By up-cycling materials and turning them into something fresh and new, Kisale is able to create eye-catching clothes that are affordable, sustainable and incredibly memorable.

Rael Cohen Jewelry

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Rael Cohen, founder of local jewelry store Rael Cohen Jewelry, uses her natural surroundings to fuel inspiration for her beautiful designs. At Cadenza, Cohen showed off her jewelry collection elegantly and thoughtfully. I was able to watch first-hand as party-goers and fashion enthusiasts tried on necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more with excitement and intrigue. For Cohen, Cadenza was the perfect opportunity for her to connect with the community while showcasing her amazing one-of-a-kind work. 

Meet the 3 Designers Hosting Pop-Ups at CADENZA

From 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., Cadenza did not disappoint. Void Studios provided an intimate and well-thought-out space for party-goers to mingle and celebrate creative freedom with excitement. For fashion enthusiasts especially, Cadenza was an inspirational place to be. Not only could you browse the collections of some of Denver’s best local fashion designers, but you could meet and talk with the designers firsthand. Truly, an A-plus night with great people.

If you were unable to make the last Cadenza Event, don’t sweat it. Keep an eye out, because there are many more memorable nights to come.

All photography by Shelby Moeller

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