Local Brand Killionaire to Host ‘Succesex,’ a Live Art Exhibition and Fashion Experience

Denver-based streetwear brand Killionaire is known for its trendy and intricately detailed jackets, sets and more. Now, founder Moses Kisale is expanding his reach by hosting a live art exhibition this weekend called “Succesex.” 

“Succesex is basically a second venture that I’m starting and it’s based on introducing local artists from the city into the fashion world,” said Kisale. 

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This is Kisale’s first event that goes hand in hand with Killionaire and will be held at Void Studios on Saturday, Feb. 26 at 5 p.m. Succesex will feature a variety of local vendors, as well as four artists who will be creating spray-painted pieces, live for the audience. 

Void Studios is providing several moveable backdrops and the artists will have a headstart before the event begins to lay the groundwork for their pieces. “By the time the audience is coming into the venue, they will be seeing how the artists are spray painting and all of that. So it’s more of trying to create content as well,” Kisale said. “It’s like an interactive type of pop-up shop.”

The theme of the event is to celebrate Black History Month through art and fashion. Kisale has left a majority of the event up to the artists’ interpretation, but the art pieces themselves will reflect messages of Black power and culture. Participating artists @nokaylee, @uniq.ujean, @tanajha_ and @loadedjesus will be the highlight of the event as they spraypaint throughout the evening.  

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The most rewarding part of this experience is the connection that the audience can make with the artists. As they paint, attendees can chat with the artists and learn more about their work and the inspiration behind the art that they create. 

In addition to celebrating Black culture, Killionaire helps the community through fashion by providing a space for young people in Denver to find their purpose. 

“We focus on making affordable pieces for our demographic and our audience and so on,” Kisale said. “That’s why we do the fashion and so on is to like bring our youth together.”

That’s why Kisale found it important to include local vendors in the art exhibition as well. Denverites wouldn’t normally expect to attend a pop-up that includes art and shopping. However, Succesex aims to promote local fashion brands, creators of customized rugs and more. Featured vendors will include Living Our Reality, Crimewave Global, Overseer, 13th District, Legacy Apparel, Jae Jordan, Goulash Garments, Paper Addicts Apparel and MDC STXDIO

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Kisale plans to host more events in the future to bring the local creative community together. However, this weekend’s Succesex is an event you won’t want to miss. Check out Killionaire and Succesex on Instagram for more details or purchase tickets.

All photography courtesy of Killionaire.