Top Chef Carrie Baird on Her Departure From Bar Dough

Come early March, Denver darling and Top Chef-alumni Carrie Baird will take her talents Boulder to open an American concept at Rosetta Hall. Rose’s Classic Americana will replace Justin Brunson’s Folsom Foods, showcasing some of the dishes that have become synonymous with Baird — including the huevos rancheros that beat Bobby Flay and her renowned fancy toasts. She will also form the That’s What She Said restaurant group with fellow Rosetta resident and long time friend and collaborator Natascha Hess of the Ginger Pig.

Fortunately, Bar Dough will be left in good hands. Fellow Culinary Creative employee and current Mister Oso chef de cuisine Russell Stippich will fill Baird’s position at the LoHi Italian staple. This will be a return to form for Stippich who has been working with Italian and upscale American cuisines since starting at Frasca in 2010. He has since gone on to hold down positions at Acorn and The Nickel, before working at The Populist and then Oso. “The food is what I’ve done my whole career,” said the chef.

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When Culinary Creative heads Max MacKissock and Juan Padro approached Stippich he had no clue he was about to be invited to helm one of LoHi’s most respected kitchens. “I thought I was getting fired,” laughed the chef. Baird’s decision to make the move to Boulder came on something of a whim, all being put together within the last 30 days.

“Over the years I’ve had 1,000’s of concepts come through my head,” said Baird, regarding the urgency with which she been getting Rose’s off the ground. While things have happened quickly, Baird is excited to work closely with Hess. “I’m very lucky she had that bowl of ramen all those years ago,” she mused of their coincidental meeting. She’s also not the least bit worried about Stippich doing anything to sully her legacy. “I’m leaving it very capable hands, it should be business as usual,” noted Baird.

While Stippich is planning on maintaining any of the foundations that have endeared Bar Dough to diners since day one, he is planning on putting his own spin on the menu as soon as he feels he’s gained a comfortable grasp of the existing operations. After getting over there, getting settled, and getting to know the cooks he plans on making some alterations — which include applying techniques he’s learned while at Oso. “I want a fresh reimagining of the things customers already like about it,” grinned the chef. Customers can expect changes to start to take place towards the middle or end of March.

Bar Dough is located at 2227 West 32nd Ave, Denver. It is open Monday – Thursday 3 – 11 p.m., Friday 3 p.m. – 12 a.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 12 a.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.