Local Brand Be A Good Person Releases Line with lululemon

There have been rumblings and stirrings for months, and the time has finally come. Local uplifting streetwear brand, Be A Good Person (BAGP), will launch their collaboration with high-end athletic wear brand, lululemon during CRUSH WALLS starting September 6 at BAGP’s RiNo location.

The collaboration is part of both brands’ commitment to “set humongous goals,” a motto BAGP co-founder, Darian Simon, keeps close to his heart. “The only thing I have ever wanted in my whole life is to be able to create something big enough to make waves to make a difference. Be A Good Person is not about taking, it’s about giving back,” said Simon in an interview with 303 Magazine.

To celebrate the launch, BAGP and lululemon will host events for CRUSH WALLS during which local artists, Thomas Porter (Detour)Kirileigh Jones and CRUSH founder, Robyn Munro, will paint the basketball court located in Curtis Park. The festivities will also include RECESS, a donation-based event with a workout followed by a guided meditation and a happy hour on Friday, September 6. All proceeds will support Marlee’s Smile Foundation.

The RECESS – by lululemon x Be A Good Person CRUSH WALLS event will be held in Curtis Park at 1029 32nd St., Denver. Go here to register. RECESS gear can be purchased at BAGP’s RiNo space located at 2830 Larimer St., Denver or online starting September 6. 

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  1. This makes me so sad. Be a Good Person is animitation brand having stolen their ENTIRE business concept from Be Good to People who started in 2008. Down to logo stylings, Instagram posts, store designs, tag lines, etc. They are in this business for money and exploiting others to benefit their financial gains. The mission of a kindness brand should be to make the world a better place. BAGP goes against every moral code.

  2. There is nothing, nothing, nothing that makes me happier than to see THESE GOOD PEOPLE, Darian, et al realize this dream. Be a good person COMES organically from these good people. Ahhhh my heart is happy. I remember the very first T-shirt, the hard work, the dedication the outrageous love it took to create this simple, resounding message. Above all things….just simply BE A GOOD PERSON. The more this message spreads the better! Beyond happy for this expansion. Truly awesome.

  3. Wow. I’ve known about this brand for a few years now and always thought it was a pretty positive concept until I looked into the brand that Leigh was talking about in a previous post. This is pretty outrageous to say the least. They took the logos, concepts, slogans, basically EVERYTHING from the Be Good to People Brand. How can you say you created something when it’s very plain to see that you actually stole an idea that someone else put the time and hard work into? It’s pretty sad.

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