Olivia Merrill shows through hard work and dedication you can land your dreams and create a life for yourself. At 19 years old, Merrill — originally from Gorham, Maine — moved to Denver to do just that. As modeling and fashion became prominent in her lifestyle, Merrill found a passion for blogging and created The Denver Look. I began to notice the street-size, body-positive, ‘average’ woman is often left unattended to in these industries. My true vision with The Denver Look is to shift the culture and redefine social norms about size in fashion,” explained Merrill. She hopes in turn women will feel appreciated and embraced for who they are. Merrill hopes to inspire women around the world with her appreciation for fashion and lifestyle in the Mile High City.

The Denver fashion scene in Merrill’s eyes is distinctive and offers an extensive approach to fashion, which is what drew her to Denver and her involvement in the industry. “My outlook is we will continue to evolve in this unique way which will even more set us apart from any other city. From the growth I have seen in the last five years, I’m led to believe the scene here is going to blow up. Much like the housing market in Denver has,” explained Merrill.
Olivia Merrill in purple dress

303 Magazine: First, tell us about yourself. 

Olivia Merrill: I am a vegan aesthete, lover of nature, a freelance model and Denver realtor with Team Denver Homes of Kentwood Real Estate. I love the theater, hiking, yoga, spontaneous adventures, hitting the town, volunteering, world-wide travel and of course shopping. Lastly, this October I will compete for the Miss Colorado title. This is my first pageant and I am beyond thrilled to share my experience with the world.

303: In what ways do you hope to inspire your audience through your posts? 

OM: I whole-heartedly believe in uplifting and inspiring other women to become empowered in their careers, as well as confident and comfortable in their own bodies — just as I am. A dream of mine has always been to share my story and to show individuals around the state and around the world that anything is possible to overcome. You just have to break down barriers both personally and professionally.

Olivia Merrill in green boots

303: What or who inspires your everyday style? Does it constantly change? 

OM: I know, I know, everyone says it but my style honestly always changes. It depends on my mood and how my body has changed, which seems it happens almost on the daily. One week I’m wearing form-fitting, Kim Kardashian-inspired looks and the next I’m all about flow and giving my body room to breathe. This being said, there are times when all I aim for is comfort. Other times, I will recreate my version of a look that I spotted online or out and about. Aside from that, a few of my present-day, go-to fashion icons are Kate Moss, Diane von Furstenberg, Blake Lively, Rihanna, Patricia Field, Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

303: What are your go-to staple pieces for summer? 

OM: Biker shorts, oversized blazers and dresses for days. I wear dresses more than ever this year. I love how flattering and easy they are to throw on and run out the door. Being a fashion blogger and realtor is like having three full-time jobs, no joke. I am constantly on the go and dresses have been a huge staple for me this year.

303: What is your favorite piece you have in your closet?

OM:  My oversized black, fitted blazer from Fashion Nova. It works with just about any body type and it is the perfect layer for those chilly summer nights or last-minute business meetings.

Olivia Merrill in dress

303: What are three beauty and/or fashion pieces you could never live without?

OM:  I’m kind of obsessed with skin and hair care. I would have to say my Kerastase Hair Oil from The Glam House is at the top of the list. It leaves my frizzy, dry hair — thanks Colorado — soft and shiny. As far as skincare goes, I’m still all about moisturizing in this crazy climate. I’m into the Renergie Lift Multi-Action Cream by Lancome and I Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Serum. Last but not least, my Tory Burch Triple Compartment Tote. I seriously never leave the house without it. There’s plenty of room for your laptop and more — for all you busy working babes out there.

303: Where are your favorite places to shop? 

OM: True Holistic Boutique, Fashion Nova, Nordstrom, Melrose & Madison, Inspyre Boutique, Stitch Boutique, Urban Outfitters, Meraki Moon, Rustic Thread Boutique and Zara to name just a few.

Olivia Merrill in black and white

All photography by Noah Berg of Walnut Street Photography.