Denver is no stranger to new forms of transportation.

We have seen a massive boom in new businesses from restaurants to apparel and now, transportation. The team behind LimeBike — the leading dockless bike-share in the US — announced that they will be opening an Aurora location next week.

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LimeBike is differentiating itself from other urban rental bike providers by eliminating the obligation of a dock. The absence of docking stations creates a broadly distributed system, with bikes that are more accessible and affordable to all. Users just download the app to find a bike nearby, scan the license plate and use the bike as needed before dropping it off by a bike rack or at a designated location.

In addition to LimeBike, Chinese competitor’s Ofo and Mobike are also bringing this new biking experience to cities internationally. Unlike LimeBike, a Denver location for Ofo or Mobike has yet to be announced. The Chinese companies have bet met with both praise and criticism since their launch.

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Outside of the new Aurora location, LimeBike has locations all over the US, from California to Washington, making it simpler for LimeBike lovers to find mobility across the nation.