When Doves Cry Prince Tribute at Cervantes’ Ft. Members of Motet, Disco Biscuits & More

Sick of Prince tributes yet? Nah, we didn’t think so. This one coming up is sure to be one for the books. On Friday July 8, Cervantes’ will being hosting a Live For Live Music Super Jam, featuring a menagerie of talent from a handful of bands. Aron Magner (keyboardist from The Disco Biscuits), Dave Watts (drummer/founder of The Motet), Gabriel Mervine (trumpet from The Motet), Nick Gerlach (Turbo Suit), Marcus Rezak (Stratosphere All-Stars), Nephrok (The Nephrok All-Stars), Cory Baker, Tanya Shylock and Emily Clark will be coming together on one stage to pay homage to the late and great Purple One.

“Prince is the single most influential musician and songwriter who has affected my career and life. It pains me that I was never able to see him perform live, but I feel like he is with me every time I play one of his songs. This is why Friday July 8th is going to be such a special night for me.” -Dave Watts, The Motet

Tickets for L4LM’s When Doves Cry are on sale now for just $15 advance purchase and $20 at the door. Doors open at 8pm and the tunes kick off at 9pm. Don’t be shy, folks. Bust out all of the glittery purple and feathery gear you’ve got stowed away for those special occasion dance parties. This is guaranteed to be one of those. Show The High Priest of Pop some respect.

Check out this Live For Live Music All-Star Prince Tribute from this spring in Brooklyn:

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  1. I want to know everything about PRINCE tributes and his musical influences

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