303 Magazine loves local fashion bloggers. From collecting inspiration from their Instagrams to seeing them at our fashion shows, it’s great knowing there are so many fashionable faces living it up in our city.

So far, we’ve featured two of these local fashion bloggers: Talyah Shooster and Lacey Spruce. And today we’re introducing you to a blogger who loves adding a little ‘punk’ to her looks, and who also agrees with us that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are fashion gods.

Meet Avery Ashmore and of Stylish Rubbish

Tell us about your blog, Stylish Rubbish. 
Stylish Rubbish is a weekly fashion blog in which I post photos of myA1 day-to-day outfits, share my newest obsessions and style tips, along with the latest trends and some of my favourite songs.

How long have you been blogging + actively living a fashionable lifestyle?
I have been blogging since I was 14 years old, though I can’t remember a day when fashion wasn’t an extremely prominent part in my life. Looking back I may not have made the best style decisions as a tot, but I was always pushing boundaries and trying new things. I would do things like wrap bandanas around tank tops, wear jean gauchos and make my own earrings. In fact, the first time I dyed my hair was in the 5th grade – it was ruby red. My sense of style has thankfully evened out since then, however my philosophy remains the same.

When you first fell in love with fashion, what was your dream job?
As a kid I always wanted to be a designer, but that was before I came to realize my complete incompetence when it comes to sewing. Growing up with two neighbourhood girls I considered my younger sisters, I was always handing down my old clothes, taking them shopping with me, and teaching them how to dress. I quickly realized that I wanted to be a stylist in some form or another. My dream job now would be as a stylist for ASOS.

Style icon?
The Olsen twins will always take the cake. They never cease to display the perfect amount of asperity. No matter what look they are styling, they always pull it off flawlessly. Those two in my opinion are really timeless.

How would you describe your personal style?
I can’t quite pin my personal style to a specific label. I like to delve into all different trends, styles and categories. It’s incredibly important for me to constantly evolve and push myself. I must never become idle or comfortable in my style. I pull ideas, themes and inspiration from all types of categories and tailor them to my own. However, I always have a punky sort of edge to my looks. Growing up I was such a tomboy, and I think I really carried that with me. One major staple of mine is the ‘all black’ look. Black on black never seems to fail me and it’s always great to fall back on.

Favorite designer?
That’s a tough one. I have always been in love with Marc Jacobs, however I am currently obsessing over For Love and Lemons. Though Truly Madly Deeply kills it, they are always a great go-to brand for me.

As a fashion blogger in Denver, what separates you from the others?
What’s great about fashion bloggers is that they are all different and they all have something special to bring to the table. I think what makes Stylish Rubbish stand out is the overwhelming sense of versatility it brings. One of my favourite parts about the blog is that we feature guest models! Twice a month we bring in someone who wants to share their sense of style with the readers. We shoot with them, and I get the inside scoop on their look, their favourite trends, brand and music. It is a fantastic way to meet some great new people, and reach new audiences.


Where do you collect inspiration in Denver?
Being in Denver, along with any other city, kind of consumes me but in a really great way. I find inspiration everywhere in urban places, and the beautiful thing about that is it can come from the most unexpected places. I get an overwhelming sense of inspiration simply from the environment the city brings. Thinking about all those people in this small place, with all different stories, truly gets my mind racing and creative blood pumping.

Denver isn’t LA or NYC. But do you think it’s an up-and-coming fashion hub?
Absolutely! Denver is definitely a smaller city in comparison to LA or NYC but it packs just as hard of a punch. There are so many amazing local designers, shops, models and photographers in Denver that make up a awe-inspiring fashion community.

303 is hosting the Poolside Fashion Shows this summer. Any fashion advice for these events?
When big events like this come along – or any event really – go for the gold! Wear that new dress you bought but have never worn, try a bold new lip colour, wear your best shoes and bring your favourite date! Make a night of it and it is sure to be an unforgettable one.

How do you plan an outfit for a big fashion event like this?
When planning an outfit for a big event I usually start by looking for some inspiration in my plethora of W magazines, and surfing through my favourite designer’s lookbooks. I then proceed to spend hours sifting through my closet to create the perfect outfit.



Avery’s fun fact about fashion:
Did you know that the first air cushioned soles of Doc Martens were made from old army surplus tires? I love learning little facts like this, especially about one of my favourite brands!

Her exclusive fashion tip:
Fashion is always growing. Try not to be stubborn, you must be willing to grow with it.

Anything else?
I am always looking to work and collaborate with new people! If you are interested in working with me, or being featured on Stylish Rubbish, get in contact with me! Whether you are a model, a photographer, a designer or even if you just want to hang out I would love to make that happen.