A couple weeks ago, we started a series that highlights local fashion bloggers. From their icons to exclusive style tips, get inspired by these ladies (and men) who celebrate all things fashion.

This week, we’re highlighting blogger Talyah Shooster. Talyah is a young mom living in Colorado who shows off ways to incorporate pops of color, texture and unique jewelry, whether she’s dressed down walking through Denver or dressed perfectly for a day on the beach. You can follow her blog here.

Get to know Talyah Shooster and learn a little about her colorful and creative blog, The Secret is Happiness.

Talyah5Tell us about your blog.
I am the founder and primary contributor to The Secret Is Happiness Blog. It is a place where I share primarily what I wear and sometimes share what I think and what I do. There are a lot of colorful looks over there presented in my “classic yet eclectic style. I love inspiring others through what I wear. The blog is great for that and is also a very fulfilling creative outlet.

How long have you been blogging + actively living a fashionable lifestyle?
I like to think that I’ve been fashionable since the womb but a quick flip through some of my school yearbooks will show you otherwise. When I was in college I put a lot of effort into discovering what I like to wear and how I like to look. It is an ever-evolving process. That journey launched me into personal shopping and wardrobe styling which led me to blogging.

When you first fell in love with fashion, what was your dream job?
To be a designer, of course! I’m definitely not checking it off of the list…who knows what the future holds.

Who’s your style icon and why?
It would have to be Tory Burch. There are so many people to choose from but I love her unexpected use of color and the vintage feel that comes through her designs. Not to mention I have so much respect for her as a mother and a business woman.

How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my style as “classic feminine with modern edge.” I pull inspiration from so many people, decades and genres that my style can’t be put into a box and that’s just the way I like it. My style, and my blog, are unique to me.

Favorite brand/designer?
If I have to choose just one, it would be J. Crew. Their pieces are easy to wear and are easy to build upon with vintage items and pieces from other designers.

As a fashion blogger in Denver, what separates you from the others?
I am forward-thinking when it comes to fashion. I do my research and have a knack for taking a runway trend and incorporating it into everyday looks. Since I can’t always afford top-of-the-line designers (I shop at Target, too), I also am talented at mixing high- and low-end pieces. I have a background in interior design which offers me insight on color combinations that work and how to mix pattern and texture.

Where do you collect inspiration in Denver?
It’s all around me: coffee shops, boutiques, the locals – there are so many things. I love the RiNo district and the Denver Art Museum but my favorite place for inspiration is Union Station.

Denver isn’t LA or NYC, but do you think it’s an up-and-coming fashion hub?Talyah3
I absolutely do! There are so many creative minds in this city. I am personally very excited to be on the ground level of what I see as an up-and-coming fashion city. The weather allows for a diverse range of outfits and there are artists and inspiration everywhere. We also have great shopping! I think Denver will be what we make of it and for me, that means a fashion destination along with its many other attractions.

Denver Fashion Weekend was just about two weeks ago. What style tips would you give our readers for a fashion event like this?
Be current, creative and uniquely you. You can’t go wrong with a modern shift dress and statement shoes, or show a little skin to really make it feel like spring with a ladylike pencil skirt and a crop top. Spring is all about light and bright colors so stick to whites, brights and pastels and you’re good to go. Tip: Feathery-fringe is a hot upcoming trend.

How do you plan an outfit for a big fashion event?
You’ll probably see me in something white or blush with black accessories since I am currently loving pastels with gray and black. I usually start with a piece that inspires me and build around it. The trick to an event like this is finding a killer dress without looking too formal. I look for a modern silhouette and make sure there is a fun, fashion-forward texture and color combo. Topshop is my go-to for fun event looks.


Talyah’s fun fact about fashion: 
A white T-shirt and jeans never goes out of style and that is true for men and women. A flattering white tee and well-cut jeans look great day to night and is easy to accessorize.

Ultimate style tip:
Find what speaks to you. There are really no hard, fast “rules” to fashion so wear what makes you feel beautiful and you can’t go wrong.

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