I classify myself as a dog lover and I’ll admit I refer to my Shiba Inu as my child rather than my pet. Since adopting my dog I’ve taken him almost everywhere with me. Vacations, hikes, and yes out to restaurants. With Denver being such a dog friendly city it’s easy to find a patio that will accommodate you and your dog. However, it’s nice to find a restaurant that has incredible food and a dog friendly restaurant atmosphere. I will add that while yes it’s nice to bring your dog with you when you go out, it is up to you to decide if your dog would be disruptive to other diners. I’ll be the first to admit that a noisy and/or nosey dog with spoil any night out. While a lot of patios are dog friendly in Denver, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite spots to bring my dog along with me.

Cork and Coffee 

Photo Courtesy of Cork and Cafe Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Cork and Cafe Facebook

Where: 32nd and Meade St. 

Pros: This cozy remodeled family home has an enormous menu to choose from, free wifi, and a dog friendly patio. 

Cons: None at all, seriously this is the cutest spot to sit and relax. 

When you walk into Cork and Coffee you might feel like you’re walking into a family home, and essentially you are. Cork and Coffee was originally a home that was transformed into a cozy privately owned coffee house and wine bar. Sound like a winner? Just wait until you check out their dog friendly patio and come during what the locals call “puppy hour.” Denverites come to this spot to enjoy tapas and wine or coffee and the free wifi. On warm, sunny afternoons Cork and Coffee’s patio is packed with four legged friends and their owners. It’s really one of the more relaxing patios to get work done while still allowing your dog to be with you. Bonus, Cork and Coffee truly makes your dog feel welcome with water bowls and treats scattered around. When I sit out on the patio with my dog I feel like he is just as much included and cared for as I am which is not an easy feat to accomplish especially for a restaurant. On warmer days the patio is filled with other dogs and so is as much a social hour for my dog as it is for me. When I frequent Cork and Coffee I love to come at happy hour and order their bruschetta and hummus plates and sip on a glass of wine. When the weather is nice and with my dog at my feet Cork and Coffee feels like a home away from home.


The Bark Bar 

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Peters

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Peters

Where: 4132 W. 38th Ave

Pros: Bark Bar has a full bar and an enclosed fence for your dog to get some energy out. It’s the lazy man’s way of getting your dog tuckered out while you relax and sip on a drink. 

Cons: Really the only con is that not all dog parks come with a bar attached. You and your dog will get spoiled at The Bark Bar. 

When you take your dog to the dog park the enjoyment is purely for your dog. It’s his or her social time and you get to awkwardly mingle with other pet owners. Honestly in that situation I have little more to say other than the obvious your dog is adorable. As you can tell you can only say, “your dog is adorable” so many times before you sound like a broken record. At The Bark Bar however, happy hour is for both humans and their four legged friends. The Bark Bar has created a genius business plan where owners and pets are equally happy. The full service bar offers a great selection of beers on tap as well as wine and spirits. While you enjoy your drink you can also purchase a dog friendly beer for your dog. As a dog owner myself I love being able to give my dog the freedom to run around and play while I get to enjoy a drink after work. Instead of being tied up to a table while I eat and drink, I’m able to let my dog have just as much fun as I am. The Bark Bar is probably the best experience you will have when searching for a dog friendly business in Denver. At the end of the night you’ll have a successful buzz and your dog will sleep soundly. It’s truly a win win at The Bark Bar.


Gaia Bistro

Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Where: 1551 S. Pearl Street 
Pros: To soak up the last bit of the summer warmth before fall comes Gaia has an adorable dog friendly patio.
Cons: Be prepared to take it slow here, Gaia is not known for speedy service. 

This is another dog friendly restaurant that was originally someone’s home. Everything about Gaia is cute; from the friendly staff to the dog friendly patio, Gaia delivers on charm. At Gaia you are welcome to have your dog on the patio with you. Patio seating does make this restaurant harder to go to as colder weather is coming much quicker than I would like. Although it’s really not hard to slip on one of your many North Face jackets and hit up Gaia for a Saturday brunch. It also seems that Gaia is more popular among the four legged on weekend mornings. Order yourself a pulled pork benedict and if you slip some under the table to Fido no one will judge you. Gaia is a welcoming restaurant with, in my opinion, one of the cutest dog friendly patios around.

In a dog friendly town, bringing my shiba Robin with me is easier than leaving him at home. After a long day of work and a long day of my dog being home alone, it’s nice for both of us to get out and socialize. It’s easy to go to a dog park and awkwardly chit chat about puppy problems but sometimes that doesn’t cut it. I like to go out and enjoy a quality meal while allowing my dog to soak up the sunshine with me. Now, it’s easy to find a patio in Denver that allows dog on a leash but the real treat is finding a dog friendly patio with a good atmosphere and delicious food. Because lets be honest, If you’re deciding to spend the money to go out, you definitely shouldn’t compromise on anything. So go forth my fellow dog lovers and look for me and my shiba. You might see us around some night.