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If you don’t already CrossFit, your only probable glimpse has been the CrossFit Games on ESPN or a YouTube video featuring an elite athlete.  By watching those, you can get a completely false idea in your head that everyone does CrossFit to compete.  Alternatively, a vast variety of individuals decide to start this exercise ideology for many reasons that never include a competition.

As stated in previous articles, CrossFit focuses on all aspects of general physical preparedness.  It is “a regimen of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a communal environment that leads to health and fitness.”  This all rolls up to better cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

So who can benefit from CrossFit?

Generally, the biggest group of CrossFit members is individuals that are trying to get in better overall physical health.  CrossFit is a measurable form of functional exercise.  This helps members benchmark themselves against their personal times/weights, times/weights of other members of their box, and time/weights of the global CrossFit community.  Functional movements are named as such for a reason.  They make us more functional. They help us move more efficiently and prevent injuries in our everyday lives.  Combined with a diet that promotes longevity and performance, you will feel better, perform better, and have more energy even as you get older.

The second group of CrossFit members are individuals that are looking for a fun alternative to globo-gyms that are different everyday.  Due to the high intensity nature of CrossFit, this form of exercise is perfect for yielding results for getting stronger or losing weight.  Members more often than not get strength training and cardiovascular endurance in the same WOD.  Add in the coaching, a class atmosphere and healthy meal plan tips and there are little reasons left that would inhibit someone from losing inches/weight or getting stronger for everyday life.

The third group of CrossFit members are athletes from another sport.  Since CrossFit has elements of all general preparedness, athletes from football to golf can get better in their sport by doing CrossFit.  If the goal is to get stronger, CrossFit Verve offers a “Barbell Club” throughout the year.  Alternatively, each WOD has strength and power elements that can test even the strongest of athletes.  These WODs are perfect for athletes because they breed competition within the class.IMG_0147-475x316

Finally, the last group and the smallest in CrossFit is the competitors.  To compete in CrossFit competitively is like any other sport.  It takes long hours of training, eating, and recovering to get your body in peak condition to excel in the “Sport of Fitness.”  Many members of the CrossFit community do not want to put in the time to get to this high level.  That being said, Colorado has a very competitive CrossFit community that sends many teams and individuals to the CrossFit Games each year.  CrossFit Verve even has competition classes that are added to the daily programming to help those that want to test their fitness at the highest levels.

Now that you know CrossFit can be for you, in the next article I will dive into the diets and fashion you will see in the box…