The School of Sweat Hot: Meet The BodyLab Staff

That’s a lot of them! Matt’s the third in…you’ll meet the rest below. Cheesers, huh? But, at least I’m giving you something to make fun of them with right out the gate.
That’s a lot of them! Matt’s the third in…you’ll meet the rest below. Cheesers, huh? But, at least I’m giving you something to make fun of them with right out the gate if you decide to join.

They might be weirdos, but they’re not fitness weirdos. And, that’s something The BodyLab is very proud of. So, I’m winding down my time at The Lab–and I’m none too pleased about it. I’m moving to New York City (enter Pace Picante commercial here), so nothing’s to be done about it. Over the past eight months, I’ve grown to deeply care about all the people at The Lab and I wanted to introduce you to them before I go. So, I quizzed them on everything from their proudest moments, to working for a lunatic like Matt D’Amico, to their personal style. A couple of the engineers are missing, but you get the drift. And, next week, I’m bringing you a very special interview with the man behind the curtain himself–Mr. Matt D’Amico. You’ll get the whole story–from Anti-Gym to BodyLab, from going AWOL to house music. For now, let’s get you going with a little taste of the type of people who will happily kick your ass–and make you laugh and help you reach your goals–at The Lab.

Julie Leitzel

Julie Leitzel, Trainer

Age: 34
Fitness motto: Nothing better than loving how you look and getting excited to put on a swimsuit!
Status: Single
Vice: Cocktails.
Favorite cardio exercise: Wakeboarding.
How has fitness influenced the rest of your life? It has increased my overall quality of life. I feel and look healthy. It keeps mw mentally sane. I am also a property manager and working out helps me manage stress in a healthy way, rather than going around kicking people.
Describe your personal style: My Converse are my favorite item in my closet. I love hoodies, but also love dressing up in a little black dress and heels for a night out. I am pretty laidback and do not do accessories. I have owned the same purse for the last six or seven years and it is the only one I own. I never wear jewelry—do not even have my ears pierced. If I could be in a swimsuit 24/7, I would be happy.


Mary Hydle, Nutritionist

Mary Hydle
Age: 29—about to be thirty in a hot second.
Fitness motto: I guess more of quote. Not sure who this is by, but I keep it saved on my computer to remind me why I do what I do: “When you’re interested in something, you do it when it’s convenient. When you’re committed, you accept no excuses; only results.”
Status: Happily married
Why did you decide to become a Lifestyle Engineer?The second I walked into the doors for my first workout at The Bodylab, I was hooked. I was totally inspired by it and Matt’s vision for the future. With a passion for nutrition and some drinks of The Bodylab “Koolaid,” I had to be a part of it all. I am passionate about nutrition and love educating people. These things went hand and hand. I’m the lady that bitches at you for eating pizza and blowing meal plans.
Proudest Moment: Every time I have a client reach a big goal they have been working toward. Pretty powerful to have that effect on someone’s life. Seeing each lifestyle change from the very beginning is pretty damn rewarding.
What keeps you inspired about nutrition? I will never get sick of reading  about the ever changing science of nutrition. Books, articles, peers—I am never finished learning. This is what keeps me inspired. Oh, and old school hip hop.
Favorite restaurant: Cafebar and Izakaya or Sushi Den.

Heidi Sarche, Trainer

Heidi Sarche
Age: 39
Fitness motto: Just do it…Then do it again…and again…and again…
Status: Single
Why did you decide to become a Lifestyle Engineer? I became a lifestyle engineer because embracing fitness takes a hell of a lot more than adding exercise to your life. One needs the drive and motivation from an outside source to truly inspire real change in their life. Lifestyle engineers offer that drive and motivation, as well as the accountability it takes to stay in the game when the going gets rough.
Biggest mistake: Not entering the fitness industry earlier in my life.
What keeps you inspired? I stay inspired about fitness by reading about and meeting other female athletes and their endeavors, as well as their own struggles and mistakes.
Vice: Sugar, sugar and more sugar please.
Where can we find you on a Friday night? Yoga.



Tyler Corbett, Trainer

Tyler Corbett
Age: 25
Fitness motto: If you got time to lean, you got time to do split jumps.
Status: Like relationship status? I’m confused, Laura… I’m single, if this is your backwards way of asking me out.
Why did you decide to become a Lifestyle Engineer? Every morning I jump out of bed with excitement knowing that I get to come to The BodyLab and take part in its insanity. I would never call this work.
Biggest mistake: Missing a box jump while demonstrating it in front of a full group of clients and taking a huge gash out of my shin.
Vice: Sugar-free Red Bull.
Favorite restaurant: Watercourse.
Where can we find you on a Friday night? I’m an avid poker player, so you can find me up in Black Hawk on a Friday night, or hanging out at a local coffee shop with friends.
What’s it like to work for Matt D’Amico? The first rule about working for Matt D’Amico is you do not talk about working for Matt D’Amico.


Sara Peternell
Age: 37Fitness motto:Enjoy what you do in every respect: find your passion.

Sara Peternell, Nutritionist – Detox slinger

Status: Married.
Why did you decide to become a Lifestyle Engineer?
I was drawn to BodyLab’s success and accountability. Owning the nutrition piece of health is rare in a gym.
Biggest mistake: I have no regrets.
What keeps you inspired about health and wellness? My clients, my students (at The Nutrition Therapy Institute), my family—every aspect of my life and my work is intertwined with reasons to strive for my highest health goals. And, I love two things above all else in the wellness realm: nutrition and yoga.
Vice: Vino.
Favorite restaurant: Z Cuisine or any place French.
Describe your personal style: Easy and comfortable. It should suit my day from work to yoga/gym, to drinks on my patio.

Brooke Breazeale, Trainer


Brooke Breazeale
Age: 37
Fitness motto: Commitment. Either you do it or you don’t—there is no in between.
Status? Engaged.
Why did you decide to become a Lifestyle Engineer? Over the course of my fitness career, I have witnessed how empowering it is for people to take charge of their health, transform their bodies or overcome obstacles to reach new levels of fitness. The fun, super-challenging and comprehensive approach of The BodyLab sets the stage for people to do this every day and I absolutely love being a part of that.
Biggest mistake: I was working at a gym in L.A. and walked up to this guy who seemed familiar to me. I said to him, “Oh, hi…wait, I’m so sorry. I think we’ve met before. You look familiar, what was your name again?” He looks at me, clearly annoyed and says, “No, we haven’t met. My name is Ben Stiller…”
Proudest moment: In fitness, winning a race in Paris, France. It was a hilarious experience. I had my picture taken with the mayor of the district and received a trophy…with a bottle of wine, of course.
What keeps you inspired about fitness? I love a challenge, always have. I love trying new things, pushing myself to new levels and passing young, fit guys in a race.
Vice: Beer!
Favorite cardio exercise: I’m a runner, through and through. Speed work on a track or a solid night of salsa dancing.
Describe your personal style: Paris-chic: a tailored bohemian look…down to earth, flirty, feminine with a little bit of sass.
Where can we find you on a Friday night? Walking our dog, Biscuit, to a local spot (Pinche Tacos is our stand-by) and hanging out with my fiancé.

Roger Martin-Pressman

Roger Martin-Pressman, Yoga Instructor, Trainer

Age: 32
Fitness motto: Awareness creates choice—practice cultivating awareness and choosing wisely.
Status: Undercover baller/inversion freak
Why did you decide to become a Lifestyle Engineer? To appease a recurring nightmare of Richard Simmons forcing me to wear nude colored leggings.
Biggest mistake: Not picking a single-name alias, like Prince or Madonna, at the onset of my career at The Bodylab.
Proudest moment: Presenting a research paper at the American College of Sports Medicine National conference.
Vice: Sweet Action ice cream and Law and Order.
Favorite cardio exercise: Playing soccer.
How has fitness influenced the rest of your life? Fitness has always been there for me, through thick and thin, ups and downs, birthdays, New Years and Yom Kippur—I can always count on fitness as a foundational part of my life.
Favorite restaurant: Linger
Describe your personal style: DIY, independent, quality and comfortable.
What’s it like to work for Matt D’Amico? Luke Skywalker’s first trip to the Dagoba system meets the spontaneity and right-timeyness of The A-team.


Brenda Ballard, Nutritionist

Brenda Ballard
Age: 39
Fitness motto: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Status: Married
Biggest mistake: Not starting healthy eating habits and exercise plan earlier in life.
Vice: I love a good zin…
Favorite cardio exercise: Anything to avoid running—unless someone is chasing me. How has fitness influenced the rest of your life? Fitness has influenced me to be a better person and to have the mindset to try the hard things in life…
Favorite restaurant: Squeaky Bean.
Describe your personal style: Funky-sexy with a hard edge.
Where can we find you on a Friday night? Out to dinner with my husband.
What’s it like to work for Matt D’Amico? It is such a great time working for Matt. He is such a great leader that inspires me to always work hard.



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