Well, Denver, we’ve eaten our body weight in meatballs and fruitcake and forsaken exercise for A Charlie Brown Christmas. The headlines of magazines scream “New Year, New You!” because it’s time to renew and improve ourselves to make this THE best year ever. F that. I’m just sick of being lazy and winded after walking up one flight of stairs at the bookstore and, now that there aren’t a bajillion presents to wrap, I’ve got time to do lunges again so I make my sexy new skinny jeans look good at The Awards Issue release party.

Still, it’s not the worst thing to jump on the resolution bandwagon and make one decision for improvement in our lives, even if it’s something as small as toning up our arms for the first strapless dress of the season. Which is why my fitness resolution is to be able to do a pull-up. Not on a pull-up machine, not with a band, a real live strong-person pull-up, like the main chick in Blue Crush, which is the movie I watch when I wish it were summer. This will require a fair amount of work, I’m aware. I can do push-ups all day long, but if you just put me in front of a pull-up bar, I’m exhausted. The website offered some tips on how to make resolutions stay put and to see results.

First, choose a meaningful goal. Why do I want to do a pull-up? Because I love feeling strong. Pull-ups are for strong people. Therefore, I will feel strong as a pull-up doing person. Second, set a realistic goal. I’m not asking to win a pull-up contest, here. I’m saying I want to do one single pull-up, and we will see what happens later. Next, write it down. Well, that’s what Miss BeFit is for, of course. I’m writing it down in front of all of you fine people. Finally, take action. No starting tomorrow, or next week. Start now. Even if it sucks to get out of a snuggly bed, just do it. My brother, Cole “The Machine” Anderson, tells me to start a workout for ten minutes. If it still sucks after ten minutes, just stop because you’re not being productive. Most likely, however, you’ll keep going and finish the workout since you’re already ten minutes in. Easy enough, right? also talked about ways to keep your motivation to work out alive so you’ll be much more likely to continue, or start in the first place. The big one for most is to make it fun. If machines are how you work out, turn on the TV while you elliptical. Remember that show, “Flava of Love”? I sure as hell do because of one summer where I tuned in to MTV for all my warmups. I read the entire Twilight series during cooldowns on the bike. I also love at-home fitness programs, and I will swear by Billy Blanks until the end of time. It is because of him that my shin splints went away and I perfected the diamond push-up. And I laugh every time he screams, “Can you do it, soldier?!” Another way to mix up your workouts is to get outside. Go ride the mountain and then come back to sixty-degree weather Denver and run around Wash Park.

So how about it, Denver? Lets not stress out about keeping huge resolutions, but use this opportunity to make ourselves a little more fabulous than we already are. What’s your resolution?