Weekly Playlist – 420 Jams to Toke to

It is April again, and the 20th day of the month has crept up slowly yet abruptly, just like that time you forgot your iguana was still chilling on your shoulder. We at 303 know that the holidays come even when...

Mile High Lowdown: 4/20 411

Can Snoop count ounces? The Mile High is poised to be the epicenter of the weed universe this weekend. After decades of ineffective prohibition that's seen both use and cartel violence rise exponentially, C...
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Hindsight: Mile High Music Festival

Colorado deserves its own Coachella. Commerce City's Mile High Music Festival isn't quite there yet, but we had to start somewhere. The third installment of Denver's biggest aural smorgasbord definitely featured its most diverse lineup to date. Case and point? Day two Bison Tent headliners Bassnectar and Z-Trip--not to mention the mostly local Beta Beach stage—ramped up the event's electronica edge in a major way. Mootown—as Westword's Dave Herrera would say—ate it up.
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Cannabytes: Cypress Hill

Although I've witnessed more than one 4/20 rally since, the first time I'd ever seen anyone openly and defiantly smoke pot in public was at Lollapalooza. Members of Cypress Hill were the perpetrators of the civil disobedience in question. Fiddler's Green security guards looked the other way, probably because greenbacks put their bosses in the black. Simple as that. Mile High Music Festival staff will likely follow similar protocol (“potocol”?) this weekend when the hip hop outfit blazes into Dick's Sporting Goods Park.