Colorado deserves its own Coachella. Commerce City’s Mile High Music Festival isn’t quite there yet, but we had to start somewhere. The third installment of Denver’s biggest aural smorgasbord definitely featured its most diverse lineup to date. Case and point? Day two Bison Tent headliners Bassnectar and Z-Trip–not to mention the mostly local Beta Beach stage–ramped up the event’s electronica edge in a major way. “Mootown”–as Westword’s Dave Herrera would say–ate it up. Beta Beach, with its misting station, giant trike, Super Soakers and Team Easy dancers was an alluring oasis on Dick’s largely shadeless soccer fields. Its busiest moment came sometime during electro goddess MLE’s Sunday afternoon set, though dubstep may have actually been the specific catalyst (Alan Endorfun deserves credit for emceeing). Hearing her warm-up DJ–Ishe–drop a Tarantino-esque re-rub of my tune was a hoot too. Other Mile Highlights included Cypress Hill toking Denver dispensary herb via its seven-foot piece, Danielle Ate The Sandwich gushing about hot for teacher crushes, Phoenix’s seamless integration of six-strings and synths, Atmosphere’s always acrobatic wordplay, a security guard’s commendable attempt at hula hooping and Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs. Long live Mile High–even though it might’ve benefited from a slightly more interesting name.