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Makeup Breakdown – Body of Work.

As I tuned into one of my new favorite television shows, FACE OFF (a special FX makeup competition on the SyFy channel) I watched in awe as they labored through their challenge this week - body paint. It's a ...

Shutterbuggin’: Beta’s fairytale campaign

Tired of being invited to nightclubs by stock photography models who'll never step foot inside? Beta, arguably the number one club in the country, offered a remedy in March when it kicked off a fairytale-inspired promotional campaign featuring actual club employees. Novel idea, right? Lauren, one of Beta's VIP hostesses, played Dorothy for the introductory Wizard of Oz images. I weaseled my way into the part of Scarecrow. And Toto was masterfully channeled by an ankle-biter belonging to photographer Jonathan Shoup's girlfriend.