America’s relationship with nudity is complicated. Toplessness is tolerated in certain cities, whereas public breastfeeding is sadly prohibited in others. Outside of National Geographic (or magazines with “artistic nudes”), you’ve got to be 18 to purchase physical pictures of naked people. If, however, the naked people in question are Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models donning a thin layer of body paint (leaving little to the imagination), well that changes everything. Skin Wars, the second reality show to put body painting center stage, exploits this exact loophole. Premiering this Wednesday, August 6 on Game Show Network, Skin Wars is appropriately hosted by Miss Mystique in the flesh, Rebecca Romijn—SI’s first ever lady canvas. The series’ titillating nudity is certain to lure viewers, though Coloradans should know that Denver has not one but two contenders in the $100,000 competition. Meet Mythica and Alan below, and tune in Wednesday for the Skin Wars series premiere.