While you may have been using a pretty good body wash in 2023, it’s time to ramp up your body washing skills this year! We’re featuring the 5 best-smelling body washes in 2024 that help you retain that fresh, clean scent all day long. 

After scouring the internet for the best-smelling body washes that would work for men and women, we found the following were the best options that didn’t contain harsh chemicals.  Whether you wash daily or not as it could strip your natural oils, we recommend you try one of the best-smelling body washes in 2024 listed below: 

5 Best Smelling Body Washes in 2024

  1. Elm & Rye Body Wash 
  2. Pacifica Beauty, Island Vanilla Body Wash with Pump
  3. MALIN+GOETZ Women’s Bergamot Hand + Body Wash
  4. Spa Luxetique Body Wash
  5. Jergens Softening Body Wash

Elm & Rye Body Wash 

This amazing body wash from the reputable brand, Elm & Rye, is number one on this list of best-smelling body washes in 2024. We love that this brand includes aloe vera in its ingredients list, making it great for people with sensitive skin, too! This body wash is a helpful option for someone who wants good-smelling body wash with antibacterial properties to keep skin deeply clean.  

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Reviewed by Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, Clinical Consultant Services, Google Scholar  

Pacifica Beauty, Island Vanilla Body Wash with Pump

This delightful scent of Island Vanilla will transport your mind to a magical island where you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. This body wash comes with an easy-to-use pump that allows you to get just the right amount of body wash with each pump! With over 200 million Americans using body wash each year and rising, body wash with a pump is popular. 

MALIN+GOETZ Women’s Bergamot Hand + Body Wash

The mint in this delightful women’s body wash is the best-smelling option on our list thus far. With a 4.5 star ranking on Amazon, some customers do say the scent is not as strong as they hoped for, but they still give this a good rating for the body wash works well.  With the use of bergamont this body wash will help inhibit bacteria growth on your skin. 

Spa Luxetique Body Wash

Here’s a new way of using body wash, in mousse style! Spa Luxetique body wash is paraben free and cruelty free with an added ingredient of sunscreen. This unique best smelling body wash goes onto your hands in gel form then transforms into mousse texture, much like some shaving creams do. This helps you spread the body wash for an effective clean with every shower. 

Jergens Softening Body Wash

Jergens is a long-standing household name in the beauty industry. This body wash is pH balanced to help clean your skin without stripping it of the natural oils. This helps your body maintain proper balance and moisture throughout your busy day. Whether you wash your body daily or a few times per week, Jergens softening body wash has your skin’s softness in mind. 

When it comes to choosing the best-smelling body washes in 2024, the key is to learn more about your skin type and which ingredients matter most to you. Are you looking for the antiseptic properties of aloe vera? Are you searching for a fresh mint smell in the shower? Maybe you just want a body wash that helps you feel clean all day long? Whatever you’re searching for, we’re confident one of the 5 best-smelling body washes in 2024 listed here today will meet your desires. 

How we Ranked the 5 Best Smelling Body Washes in 2024 

Now that you know which body was options are the 5 best smelling body washes in 2024, it’s time to share the criteria that helped these rank in at the top: 

  • Ingredients: During our research we evaluated the natural ingredients and other factors like paraben free or antiseptic qualities to provide you with a list of good body wash options that will leave you feeling and smelling clean after every shower. 
  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are Next on our list of factors to consider when ranking the best body wash options. We made sure to look at most of the customer feedback to ensure the body wash was sufficient for use with every day people like you!  
  • Quality & Price:  Last, but not least we were sure to include the best quality and price point options of the best smelling body washes in 2024 so you had an option to choose from whether you’re working with a higher budget or lower budget. We ensured the price point also didn’t reduce the quality of the body wash product.  


Is body wash better than soap?

When it comes to the topic of body wash versus bar soap, there is no right answer here. The best option is one that feels comfortable for you and gets your body clean. We have seen that over 200 million Americans use body wash each year, so we’d say that the best-smelling body washes in 2024 will only gain popularity over the next few years. 

How often should a person wash their body?

Some studies cite that washing your body daily could strip your skin of its natural oils, while other studies say this is not. The best way to determine how often you should wash your body is to figure out if your skin is feeling dry or itchy often. This could be a sign that your over washing your body and should slow down to have fewer showers per week.  

Is it better to shower in the morning or at night after a long day?

Depending on what you did during the day, you may want to shower at night before getting into bed. Some people prefer nighttime showers so they can wash the day’s dirt off their body, while others prefer a good wake-up morning shower with the best-smelling body washes in 2024. The key is to know which preference feels right for your lifestyle.