Some of Couture’s Biggest Designers Are Set to Present at Denver Fashion Week

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Denver Fashion Week was named by Forbes as a trusted alternative to New York Fashion Week — and with each year the lineup of creators that present their designs at DFW grows in talent and rich experience for the audience. This year, Denver Fashion Week is showing nine Couture designers with collections that will leave attendees inspired, empowered and ruminating on the experience for weeks to come. 

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Sir Algernon

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Sir Algernon’s upcoming collection by designer Algernon D. Johnson is heavily inspired by their recent trip to Paris this past spring.

“Springtime in Paris was the epitome of effortless couture,” Johnson said.

Attendees can expect to see a collection inspired by Old Hollywood Glam — mixed with whimsical, sexy couture and a touch of avant-garde.

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Couture To The Max

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Max Alexander is bringing a new “Couture To The Max” collection to the Denver Fashion Week runway this November. Alexander, a 7 year old fashion design prodigy, has been designing and sewing since the age of four.

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Touting an impressive 1.7 million Instagram followers, Alexander’s designs are all centered around themes of movement and color — as well as fun, sparkly, and “floofy” Couture. Attendees can expect to be wowed by what he puts on the runway.

Alexander is inspired by fabric, nature and fun, and loves making women feel beautiful.


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Bolivian designer Santiago Acre will be bringing a unique and iconic collection to the Denver runway this fall.

“I am thrilled to present a captivating collection of fun and glamorous styles that pay homage to the iconic era of the early ‘60’s” Acre said.

“Santiago” will be more than just models walking down a runway — attendees can expect a transformative performance where models will immerse themselves in each look, embodying the characters they represent. Acre believes that Fashion is an art form that allows the exploration of various identities and experiences, and his showcase will utilize clothing as a portal to a world of self-expression and transformation.

Acre is inspired by love of the early ‘60s era, when he discovered 1960 Barbies at age 11 and began sewing dresses for them. But the experience that profoundly transformed Acre’s life was when he sewed the same dresses for himself. Filled with confidence and grace from the power of being clothed in attire where he felt 100% himself — he aims to share this same sense of empowerment and joy with others through his designs. 


NARCES is a luxury designer fashion brand that celebrates modern vintage glamour. This fall, you can expect an homage to the 1920’s flapper aesthetic in the NARCES runway show.

Channeling “Neo-Deco Elegance” — a mood that blends the opulence of the ‘20s with a contemporary flair — the molded blend will define the brand this season. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Jazz Age, NARCES represents a tapestry of timeless sophistication and daring rebellion. With the Roaring Twenties reimagined in the modern age, details of the show will include sheer textures, fringe, meticulous beading, and lavish embellishments to fully embrace the decadence of the flapper era.

Designer, Nikki Wirthensohn Yassemi will breathe life into her designs with transparent overlays, delicate lace, and ethereal fabrics, creating contemporary allure within the vintage-inspired pieces. Harnessing the spirit of rebellion and liberation from the 1920s, Yassemi’s upcoming show will show commitment to timeless style with its pieces telling a story of the past while paving a way for the future.

Lisa Marie Couture

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Lisa Marie, a couture designer based in Seattle, Washington, has been designing for nearly 20 years. After completing her degree, she studied under several designers to learn more about the business of fashion before launching her own company — Lisa Marie Couture. For two years she’s had a solo storefront on Capitol Hill in Seattle, where her atelier and showroom are located. Her line is crafted to be an intimate and personalized experience — to shop her store she only accepts one on one visits or she curates something specifically for them.

Her upcoming collection is inspired by the dark arts — think magic, witchcraft, spirituality, sensuality, and luxury. Attendees can expect the show to be filled with intense elegance and goddess-like draping. Lisa Marie hopes to offer a softer side to the construction of her designs with this collection. In the past she has been known to focus on tailoring and crisp lines — expect the opposite from this upcoming collection.

Tara Hari Couture

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Tara Hari’s Sladovic’s line — Tara Hari Couture — is back to grace the runway this fall. This couture collection, named “The Phoenix” will represent glamour, bold elegance and style.

Attendees can expect the same attention to detail and drama in the upcoming show.

Miss Victoria Regina + MOTWURF

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Miss Victoria Regina is back at Denver Fashion Week this fall — but for this collection, she will be contributing her original designs in conjunction with Austrian brand, MOTWURF. Previously, her work was commissioned to enhance runway shows of other designers like KetiVani

“Enhance” is the inspiration for this year’s collection. “Couture is a higher extension of fashion” Regina said.

While the sky is the limit, her design style is to enhance the clothing and model. Working with Austrian designer MOTWURF, her fall headwear collection will be a duet to MOTWURF’s style —  texture and colors. 

MOTWURF is a brand that has consistently placed femininity at the core of its creations. Captivating audiences with simplicity and elegance, attendees can expect refined lines, opulent three-dimensional fabrics and intricate lace details to illuminate the simplicity of the designs.

Each piece in this collection is made unique by the attention to detail of the piece — another distinguishing factor of the brand. MOTWURF prioritizes outstanding quality and ethical production. All fabrics and manufacturing processes are based in Central Europe.


Guillermo Pharis

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Guillermo Pharis, an NYC Designer who relocated to Denver two years ago has spent time in a design studio downtown, gleaning inspiration from the heart of the city while also learning to be true to himself. He cites that his main inspiration is womana woman who is constantly undergoing change and growth, with a high sense of style that is looking for beautiful and empowering pieces. 

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The “Guillermo Pharis” collection will immerse the audience into a capsule of emotions, “with a fusion of sensitivity, color and elegance,” He said. Pharis’ upcoming collection is sophisticated and fun with breathtaking prints and textures that will walk attendees through the experience of an independent designer in the bridal and evening wear market.

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