Denver Fashion Week Dazzles at First Ever Society Night

As Denver Fashion Week entered day six, excitement was escalating on the runway for the first-ever presentation of the “Society” theme. Fashion lovers from all over the Mile High City convened at York Street Yards to take in a show that explored the complex relationship between fashion and society as well as showcasing the newest designs. 

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The host for the night, Tyler Bender, a popular influencer known for her comedy TikToks, started the show by introducing the night’s entertainment, Spring Page also known as The Black Madonna. She won 303 Magazine’s first-ever Entertainer Challenge

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Geo in Style X Salle de Mode

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The first set of designers to hit the runway was Geo in Style X Salle de Mode. They brought in a line filled with geometric-inspired designs in black, white, nude, and leather.

With its futuristic motif and lion head embellishments on jackets, shoes, and purses, the crowd favorite was the lion head-adorned ankle-length sneakers that some of the models wore down the runway. A fantastic, futuristic, and seductive vision was presented by Geo in Style and Salle de Mode.  


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The next designer, Savaneli, started off her runway show with a performance from two dancers who wore garments from Savaneli’s collection.

The collection itself featured a vibrant, iridescent range of patterns. Wearing dazzling dresses, skirts, and jogger-vest combos, the models shined as they walked the runway. The gowns were fashioned in the “off-the-shoulder” goddess style. A couple of models were wearing sweat sets with images influenced by techno.

And all that was evident on the runway were dazzling, glitzy clothes. The vibrant stone that was attached to some of the designs was essential to creating the geode-amethyst impression. Savaneli graced the runway this season with a collection that had just the right amount of glamour. 

Kit’s Boutique

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The following designer was a line of clothes from Kit’s Boutique. A collection of designs that put the elegance back into ladies’ wear. No two pieces were the same — each model wore a modern and fashionable outfit that inspired every attendee in the audience.

From skin-tight dresses to flowy florals to professional attire, every piece put together told a different story. Kit’s Boutique gave life to the simplicity of each design on the runway. 

Qi Zhou Design Studio

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Qi Zhou Design Studio was next up on the runway. The designer, Qi Zhou, described how intricate and delicate the patterns in this collection were.

“The collection is called Chinoiserie of Art, and this fashion has two colors: blue and white,” Zhou said. And indeed it did.

Fabulous dresses made their way down the runway with vibrant blue patterns and fabrics, but also intricate detailing. The entire collection was completely handmade, and it took Zhou over four months to create, having ordered fabrics and materials from China. The color scheme seamlessly blended, with floral prints, dragon prints, and even fringe. The Qi Zhou Design Studio brought another level of class and elegance to the runway while combining ancient Chinese art with wearable clothing. 

Jenn Burback

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Jenn Burback previewed a collection inspired by cowboys, fringe, and lots of leather. Burback’s designs on the runway were on theme with the Mile High City’s flare for all things country. With jackets adorned with Native American prints, cowboy hats with colorful embellishments, and plenty of fringe.

These designs brought life back to the classic midwestern style but also incorporated brighter colors, textures, and even different prints. 

J. Lin Snider

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The next designer of the night was one of the Emerging Designer’s Challenge winners, brand J. Lin Snider. Snider’s designs are known for their bohemian ambiance, but tonight they channeled sparkle and glitter. Each design was carefully meticulated with mesh-see-through material and complex sparkly designs.

With a spectrum of color and beauty, each piece was different from another. Some models even donned a sheer fabric, put together at the waist with a chain belt, that truly gave a whole new meaning to sparkle on the runway. 

MadVan Design

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Madison Van Der Lingen of MadVan Design was inspired by the feminization of camo-print in clothing and her collection tonight debuted a lot of pink.

“For the women’s cape, I made my own print based off of my mom’s rendering from the 80’s, and I printed them onto chiffon,” Van Der Lingen said.

With a meaningful inspiration to her collection, MadVan Design put the definition of the theme “Society” into her designs for the night. Every model donned a creatively designed ensemble that drew inspiration from various aspects of contemporary social norms.

Along with lots of pink, camo, lace, and ruffles, there were items with statements mixed in. For example, there was a fabric used in the outfits with the imagery of women of various sizes and colors. There was even a dress with the words “Cancel Student Debt” printed on it. When it came to drawing inspiration from societal standards to create a whole clothing collection, MadVan Design executed it flawlessly.

Menez to Society

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Menez to Society brought the leather chains and harnesses to the runway with designs featuring leather, black and gold bags from their new collection — outfits were made up of a combination of grungy black harnesses and a hint of color. Some of the pieces were also spotted with gold studs to create more texture within the designs.

Dresses of intricate shapes, and padding along the shoulders, left the entire audience in awe. Menez to Society brought a collection that featured a splash of modern but with just the right amount of edginess. 


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Matilda Marginal of Marginal concluded the show with a quirky take on wedding attire. Marginal’s designs and collection for the night were not only ones that challenged social norms, both in terms of the creations she brought to the runway, but also the display of the collection. Each model wore a white “outfit” that was adorned with black and white zip-ties. Instead of jewelry and hair pieces, Marginal decorated her collection and models with black feathers and even painted on-looking shoes. This collection was geniusly curated with designs that looked just close enough to be modern but were on the brink of insanity. Marginal finished the show off with the complexity of fashion we all needed for the night. 

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As DFW Fall 2023 day six Society drew to a close, attendees left with a renewed appreciation for the dynamic interplay between fashion and society. The midweek affair had successfully transformed the runway into a dynamic space for cultural exploration, diversity celebration, and sustainable advocacy.

With two more days ahead, Denver Fashion Week 2023 promises to be a beacon of style that not only reflects the pulse of the city but also serves as a catalyst for ongoing conversations about the intersection of fashion and society.

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Photos by Adam Ripplinger