Best Places To Shop In Denver For A Sweater This Holiday Season

Sometimes it can be tough and boring to pair the same outfits together every winter. With that being said, it’s important to stay on top of new stores opening in the Denver area, as they release the latest trendy sweater. 

Sweaters are warm, easy to pair with and still look very fashionable — not to mention they are essential to wear to any holiday party. 

Below is a guide to some of the best places in Denver to shop for trendy sweaters this holiday season. 

Stitch Boutique 


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Stitch Boutique is a locally owned boutique that offers a variety of styles and looks including unique sweater options to spice up your closet. 

Stitch prides itself on discovering and carrying the most stylish and affordable clothing.

“Having been in the industry now for 10 years, our customers know what to expect when they shop at Stitch and we are so proud to have the customers we do and provide a product and service not only for our local customers but all our customers across the US,” Owner, Nicole English said.

With a long history of working in the industry, Stitch offers the best of the best when it comes to completing an outfit. With different skirt silhouettes and unique jeans and pants, you can build any look you desire. Stitch Boutique brings some of the best sweaters that are both comfy and budget friendly.  

Check out some more of their products in person or online.  

Melrose & Madison

Melrose & Madison carries a variety of looks and high end trends within their boutique, making this the perfect location to spice up those fall sweater looks.

“We are a small, locally owned boutique focused on combining the styles of LA and New York with the laid back Colorado atmosphere you’ve grown to love,” Paige Moeller said.. “Melrose and Madison is owned by a mother-daughter duo whose focus is to help women look and feel their best.!” Said Paige Moeller

With a variety of colorful sweaters to choose from there are many other apparel items and accessories to vamp up any look. Shop Melrose & Madison and layer a sweater over a dress or pair it with one of their adorable skirts. 

Photo Courtesy of Melrose & Madison

While still keeping the laid back Colorado look, Melrose and Madison mixes LA and New York styles. That being said, another outfit they provide is pairing a sweater with some jeans or corduroy pants. 

Photo Courtesy of Melrose & Madison

Melrose & Madison also offers sweater sets, something that is very easy to put together but still looks stunning. When purchasing a sweater set, accessories are key to personalizing an outfit — luckily, Melrose & Madison also provide fun accessories to play around with. 

Photo Courtesy of Melrose & Madison

Check their store out here

Inspyre Boutique 

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Inspyre Boutique is a female locally owned boutique in Denver. They offer the best of the best.

“Inspyre Boutique is dedicated to finding the most incredible fashion, accessories, and gifts for every woman,” Owner, Britni Jensen said. “We search high and low for the most beautiful clothing at a price that will keep your wallet happy. Stop in and be prepared to find your new favorite piece.” 

Playing with silhouettes is a key part of showing off personal style —Inspyre Boutique offers a number of silhouettes making it super versatile 

Along with these adorable sweaters, Inspyre Boutique offers accessories and other apparel items. Some great options include fun bottoms, leather looks, cute jeans and satin skirts. 

To add a bit more of a special touch and personality to your look, Inspyre also offers a handful of jewelry to spunk up any look.

Inspyre Boutique is here, “To be the trusted friend who will always help you find a complete look, a perfect staple piece, a trendy addition to your style, and the most loved pieces to add to your closet,” Jensen said. 

Take a look at their assortment of sweaters throughout the shop or look online now here.

A Line Boutique  

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A Line Boutique is more than just your traditional retail store. Owner, Karment Berensten says, “With four locations across Denver, A Line employs a team of professional stylists who write the script for their clients’ day-to-day professional, and event style needs, complete with complimentary champagne while you shop.” 

Nothing is better than shopping in a comfortable store, and that’s just what A line boutique brings. On top of the best fashion, they have a warm loving team ready to help build out any dream look.

With a variety of colors and silhouettes, A Line carries many popular and “on-trend” sweaters. From different designs to simple and chic, there truly is a sweater for anyone. 

Along with their to-die-for sweaters are other great articles of clothing. Some looks that can be easily made include pairing your choice of a sweater with a sweet satin skirt, a knit skirt or even trousers. 

A Line doesn’t just want the purchase from the consumer, they want to build a connection with their customers.

“We wake up each day not excited about selling a sweater, ” Berentsen said. “It is about much more than getting the purchase, but more about making the connection and building the community. 

Berenstein also said that creating a hyper personal relationship with each customer is essentially the backbone of A Line. They strive to help those find a wardrobe that makes them feel their best.

With an amazing collection of different apparel and accessory pieces A Line offers so much more.

“With client trips to Paris Fashion Week, climbing on the Via Ferrata in Telluride, and an African Safari on Horseback, and well as the A Line Stories podcast, sharing inspiring stories of the fashion industry,” Berensten said. 

A Line Boutique is more than just a shop experience — it’s a family and a community that you can join today or check out the store online here