Procession Coffee Opens Its Second Location in the Highlands Neighborhood

It’s no secret that Procession Coffee holds a cult following. Its loyal people brand themselves with its logo, listen to its frequently released, specially curated mixtapes and describe themselves as dedicated regulars of this fine caffeinated establishment.

The punk-inspired shop was even recently named 2023 Readers’ Choice for Best New Coffeehouse in Denver Westword’s “Best Of Denver,” a title that is not gifted lightly by any means. 

“That was amazing. That was huge for us,” said co-owner Josh Bosarge when asked about the title. “It just goes to prove the concept and how much work we did on this place. We worked our asses off to get to where we are. And I love the fact that we won ‘Readers’ Choice.'”

After the well-deserved win, co-owners and buds Stephen Ashley and Bosarge announced the opening of their second Procession location in the highlands area this Saturday, August 26. The new coffeehouse is not only a symbol of the duo’s success but the mere beginning of the brand’s expansion. “It’ll be more of a place to hang out, relax and have a ‘for here’ beverage. This is a ‘for here’ spot,” Bosarge described.

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The site, situated on Mariposa Street, features indoor and outdoor seating, adding a more personal and welcoming atmosphere compared to its Zeppelin Station stall. Coffee lovers can grab a mug, hang out for a while and maybe even make it their new “work from home” spot. The neighborhood feel plays into Procession’s well-known brand and already-established community, and Ashley and Bosarge plan to enhance this friendly feel.

“I feel like there’s a lot of people that have heard of us but haven’t been able to visit us,” Bosarge said. “I hope this gives people the opportunity to access us a little bit easier and maybe open a few eyes to a solid shop in the neighborhood. I have a really good feeling about this location.”

The menu will look similar to the Zeppelin Station location, with straightforward options that illustrate the simple beauty of a morning coffee ritual. At the new spot, the team hopes to bring in various food options, including burritos, empanadas, breakfast tacos and even Texas-style Kolaches — a delicious, hearty breakfast pastry — allowing each coffee enjoyer to relax at Procession as long as desired.

As the shop embarks on its opening weeks in the highlands, visit and see what this unique coffeehouse is all about and, possibly, meet the friends behind the famous brews.

Procession Coffee’s new location opens on Saturday, August 26, at 3330 Mariposa St., Denver. It is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. 

All photography courtesy of Procession Coffee on Instagram. 

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