Sustainable Style Steals the Show at DFW Day Two

Photo courtesy of Roxanna Carrasco

Sustainable fashion took center stage on Day Two of Denver Fashion Week, with designers showcasing their commitment to eco-friendly and socially responsible practices. The sustainable brands featured in Denver Fashion Week included The Hause Collective, IDA+MOON by Hannah Marie, UPcycleD by Biche de Bere, Relic Vintage, Overseer Productions and Your Mother’s Favorite Stain. From the use of sustainable materials to ethical manufacturing practices, the designers displayed their dedication to creating fashion that is both stylish and sustainable.

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The Hause Collective

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The Hause Collective opened Denver Fashion Week Day 2, showcasing a remarkable collection of western-inspired attire adorned with intricate lace embroidery, striking fringe details, and bold statement belts. This eco-conscious fashion label was founded by the visionary Chelsea Drew, who has assembled a team of exceptional designers, including Liz Lawrence from Been Thrifty Apparel and Carter Cupp from The Boogeyman’s Closet, both of whose designs graced the runway. Drew and her team’s dedication to selecting sustainable fabrics that leave minimal impact on the environment was evident in their thoughtful craftsmanship and sourcing methods.


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Ida+Moon, a sustainable fashion brand founded by the visionary Hannah Thurston, derives its name from the goddess of the earth and the moon, representing the brand’s deep reverence for our planet. At Denver Fashion Week, Thurston’s stunning collection featured a mesmerizing fusion of bohemian and western styles, featuring leather vests, extravagant fur bags and hats and flowy dresses that exuded effortless grace. Thurston’s unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion was evident in every intricate detail of her creations, from her careful choice of materials to her mindful production processes.

UPCycleD by Biche de Bere

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The French jewelry brand Biche de Bere has taken a bold step in promoting sustainable and ethical fashion practices by launching UPCycleD, a sustainable fashion line that repurposes discarded materials into stylish and unique clothing pieces. UPCycleD showcased an impressive collection of denim dresses, patchwork corsets and jean button-up tops that were both eco-friendly and fashion-forward. UPCycleD is leading the way in proving that ethical fashion can be just as stylish and trendy as conventional fashion, while simultaneously promoting a more sustainable future for the industry.

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Relic Vintage

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In 2016, Relic was founded by the talented Emily Kaler. At Denver Fashion Week Day Two, Relic Vintage presented a stunning collection of Y2K-inspired fashion, featuring shiny clothing, mini skirts and pink bow-inspired pieces that captured the essence of the era in a fresh and contemporary way. Relic’s impressive range of fashionable and sustainable clothing is proof that style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Overseer Productions

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Overseer Productions, the brainchild of designer Kajuanee, aims to empower fashion enthusiasts to express their individuality through bold and unconventional fashion choices was truly shown on day two of Denver Fashion Week. Overseer Productions showcased a striking collection that featured denim layered skirts, multiple extravagant matching sets and intricate patchwork details that were both captivating and fashion-forward. Overseer Productions’ unique and vibrant designs are a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

Your Mother’s Favorite Stain

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Your Mother’s Favorite Stain is a sustainable fashion brand that creates one-of-a-kind, custom pieces entirely by hand, without resorting to mass production techniques. On Day Two of Denver Fashion Week, the brand presented a stunning collection of handmade products that included floral paint designs, color-block vintage graphic tees, and skeleton-inspired camouflage overalls that were both edgy and stylish. Your Mother’s Favorite Stain creates fashion pieces that are not only unique but also sustainable.

Day Two of Denver Fashion Week highlighted the importance of sustainable fashion and the growing interest in eco-friendly and socially responsible practices within the fashion industry. The designers who presented their collections showcased the beauty and creativity that can be achieved while being mindful of the impact on the environment and society.

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All photography by Jas Kitterman.

Hair and Makeup: Nikta Jhaveri, Ashley Richards, Amy Kessler, Bailie Kate, Beth Walker, Paul Salas

The Hause Collective Models: Olivia St. Aubin, Julius Marcano, Rita Grayson, Ashley Richards, Robert Berry, Khalvl Gabriel, Elitah Villanueva, Daija Serna, Chantal Favela, Zuleyka Hamilton, Raven Buckhout, Mahavlee Green, Amanda Drew, Eliah Aracena, Bobbie Lawson, Simon Paul Augustyn

Ida and Moon by Hannah Marie Models: Kiara Toro, Macy Troop, Jesalyn Barnett, Cindy M. Thompson, Alyssa Tocchini, Dora Fernandez, Heather Dunn, Mateo Cuff, Giana Solis, Brennan Cheron, Taban Sharifi, Gardenia Ramirez

UPcycleD by Biche de Bere Models: Jai Phenom, Elke Foster, Sheroya Sewell, Jhava Stanford, Oscar Mireles, Natalie Thornton, Alyse Turner, Takhlya Marthaler, Nestor Roacho, Faith West-Renney, Katie Marie Gilliam, Jovante Keo-Reed, Alyssa Veith, Carolina Iglesias, Zeah Loren, Sinead Beacom, Imari Ross, Asa Kee, Tyshaw Nicholas

Relic Vintage Models: Jordan Stewart, Greta Nelson-Bechtold, Amelia Solano, Emma Dixon, Andrea Mondragon, Kanyinsola Oluwadare, Elizabeth Elle Murphy, Donavonne Meuren, Ella Neal, Ava Caruso, Shayna Marie Hickox, Noella vong

Overseer Models: Kivasha Banks, DanShay Martinez, Kate Aleiandra, Anthony Doan Le, Marquies, Daniel Ramirez Dj Donp, Emiko Freeman, Victoria kirschnick

Your Mother’s Favorite Stain Models: Josiah Arment, Caitlin Hereford, Ahmari Dantzler, Kaylee, Zachary Curtis, Noah Burgan, Gabrian Strenge, Lewis Sanchez, Maia Gonzalez

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