Review — Bass Enthusiast Turned Flower Child, Disco Lines Brought His Sound Home

Disco Lines returned home to Denver on Friday night to a sold-out show at the Ogden Theatre. Openers CJ, London Summers, Allana English and HAM warmed up the crowd from 9 p.m. to midnight with bright graphics, mesmerizing lights and unique mixing styles. Disco Lines, or Thadeus Labuszewski, began his set with a video compilation from his childhood. Clips showed him playing in the grass with other kids, at picnic tables eating snacks and in the school band room, giggling all the while. The video transitioned into a vlog, with Labuszewski at his current age, as he and his friends prepared for a show. 

Photo courtesy of AXS

The headliner took the stage in a patterned bucket hat, fleece and trendy sunglasses and was met with hearty cheers from the crowd. Clearly happy to be back in Denver, he shouted, “Denver! I grew up 20 minutes down the street!” Fans came to life with Disco Lines’ enthusiasm. Quickly the set began with a remixed clip of “Baby Girl,” his most-played track on Spotify. Disco Lines made sure to be on top of his mixing table to celebrate the very first beat drop with the bouncing crowd below. 

With a smile plastered to his face, the man of the evening coaxed nostalgia out of each listener. He remixed classics ranging from “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield to “In Da Club” by 50 Cent and “Still Into You” by Paramore. Disco Lines exclaimed, “You better scream this shit!” as Hayley Williams’ lyrics climaxed with a beat drop. Shortly after, every word of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” echoed off the walls of the Ogden. The song broke down into an experimental disco groove, pulling each fan to dance under sparkling blue and pink lights.“I grew up listening to dubstep in the bass capital of the world baby!” Disco Lines rejoiced over the rowdy audience. From remixed pop nostalgia, the sound shifted towards a darker, nightclub, bass-heavy sound with a subtle sample of “Look at Me” by XXXTENTACION mixed under an upbeat melody. 

The set climaxed with the song “TECHNO + TEQUILA,” during which Disco Lines took a pull from a tequila handle while standing atop his mixing table. The Ogden shook as the crowd head-banged along to the quick switch from lighter disco beats into a heavier Skrillex-esque rendition of the song under dark red lights. Pillars of steam shot up across the stage and bright lasers crisscrossed above the crowd’s hands. Disco Lines removed his shoes and fleece, revealing a tee shirt with a Rocky Mountains logo, as he danced on stage.

Photo courtesy of Disco Lines on Instagram.

After the heavier mixing, Disco Lines took a breath and got personal with his audience. “I just broke up with my girlfriend, I’ve been writing sad music,” he said, causing a mixed reaction of sadness and excitement amongst his fans. The performer kept the crowd dancing through his entire set with “Honey,” “All I Want Is You” and other original works, blending with unique and colorful backdrops. A ’70s disco-hippie aesthetic was prominent throughout the show. It can be seen in his merch, tour posters and album art as well. Disco Lines closed with another fan favorite, “Restless Bones” with a backdrop full of bright smiling flowers. Beach balls and inflated dolphins bounced above the crowd. With a wide grin, Disco Lines waved goodbye to his overjoyed fans.