RiNo Yacht Club Partners With Black Lagoon Pop-Up Bar This October

For spooky season lovers, August is just the pregame to the actual party: horror-themed cocktail bars, Halloween costumes and spooky decorations. On August 23, RiNo Yacht Club hosted a one-night preview of its upcoming partnership with the Black Lagoon pop-up bar.

When the words Black Lagoon are in print, one might think of the 1954 black and white monster horror film, which partially inspired this immersive experience. Co-creators Erin Hayes and Kelsey Ramage were inspired by this classic film and their love of tropical drinks. Coined “tropigoth,” these horror bar masterminds have drafted the perfect concept. What started in New Orleans in 2019 has grown to a full-blown tour with eight different cities, including Denver. 

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As a native Chicagoan, Hayes spent her career in different hospitality industry aspects. Similarly, Ramage has over 17 years of experience in the hospitality business ranging from bartender and educator to sommelier and entrepreneur. These industry veterans have partnered with RiNo Yacht Club for a month-long pop-up starting sometime during the first week of October through Halloween. As the official opening date is still to be determined, the Black Lagoon encourages all cocktail lovers and Amazonian creature fanatics to stop by for the experience. 

While the Black Lagoon tour is gracing large cities from Montreal and Toronto to Los Angeles and New York, Hayes and Ramage chose Denver for its welcoming counterculture. 

“I was a goth kid and really into the alternative scene growing up. We’re just trying to embrace that as adults. Black Lagoon is a cool immersive experience for Halloween and Denver’s a home for people with great cocktails and inclusive culture,” Hayes said. 

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This creepy-themed cocktail menu is primarily inspired by the team’s favorite Halloween colors with hues of orange, bright green and blood red. Some of the cocktails include a Screaming Banshee ($13), Hexes For Your Exes ($13), Blood Rave ($13), Lilith’s Cup ($13), Double Cross ($13) and the Holy Diver ($13). Each boozy beverage highlights different spirit partners, from Lot 40 Rye Whiskey to The Botanist Gin. 

When it comes to small bites, nothing accompanies the macabre-inspired decor more than variously dressed hotdogs from Hollywood Frank at the Yacht Club. Some of the more notable “dogs” include the Lorraine ($7) with a cheese ball spread, celery remoulade, pickled peppers and pecans, or the classic Varsity ($6) with chili, yellow mustard and slaw. 

Though Denver has recently been inundated with an abundance of Halloween pop-ups, Black Lagoon is claiming its stake in the goth/metal community for October. 

RiNo Yacht Club is located at 3701 N Williams St., Denver. The Black Lagoon pop-up is slated to run in October TBD. 

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco.

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