Mozzafiato, An Exclusive, Online Italian Luxury Market

Mozzafiato is an exclusive, online Italian luxury market that caters to categories of beauty, men’s, fragrance and home. Amy Parsons, the founder of Mozzafiato, is here to dive into the history of the company. She also speaks as to what it means to her to be a successful CEO.

Parsons is a Denver entrepreneur with a unique twist on the beauty industry. She has always had a love for building new projects from scratch. When COVID-19 approached, she found this was an ideal time to reel her vision of starting her own company and turning this into a reality. “I began to envision the company that is now Mozzafiato. I started to put all the pieces together over that year along with a partner, and we launched it November 1, 2020,” explained Parsons. “I’ve always followed the beauty industry, and always sought out the local, heritage brands in my travels. I love Italy and its deep culture of craft and style, so, Mozzafiato is basically my dream company come to life.”

Many might wonder, what does Mozzafiato mean and what is the significance behind it being the chosen name? According to Parsons, it loosely translates to English as ‘”breathtaking.” Apart from it being a catchy word to say in the first place, it also correlates to what Parsons describes as representing all heritage, beautiful Italian brands that hail from some of the most liberating places around the world.

Mozzafiato candle

These Italian beauty products have a rich history and influence from multiple artistic inspirations. “Italy has had a tradition of craftsmanship and innovation for centuries. Not just in beauty, but also in wine, fashion, food, cars, art and other areas. Over many years, Italy became the country that produces more of the world’s luxury beauty and grooming products than anywhere else, based on that generational know-how and ingredients sourced from the diverse regions throughout the country,” stated Parsons.

It is important to Parsons to bring the tradition of Italy to North America for several reasons. According to Parsons, the U.S. has a market for beauty and grooming that is dominated by a few, very large, retailers. Parsons hopes to create an experience where consumers can buy products that not only have great quality but a fascinating background behind the products as well. Nowadays, everything is rushed on shelves by means of fads, celebrities, etc. Parsons deems this experience different than the one she is trying to create.

“On our site, we tell the stories of the brands, show family pictures and where in Italy they’re from. These are brands you go and visit in Italy and connect with the people behind the products. I believe a lot of people in the North American market are drawn to those stories and places. Moreover, having the connection, knowing who you’re supporting and knowing you have a very special product in your hand,” said Parsons.

Mozzafiato wood

“One surprise we’ve had since starting the company is that men are equally half of our customers and often are our most engaged and enthusiastic supporters. We’re now importing a significant variety of men’s products from shaving, beard care, soaps and colognes. We are finding that men love having the variety of brands to choose from and the quality of the products,” explained Parsons.

Businesses face their fair share of challenges and rewards when they are first established. According to Parsons, the biggest challenge is getting the customer to make the first purchase and noticing what they have to offer. This is important to Parsons given the competitive nature of the beauty and grooming market. On the flip side, the biggest reward is capturing repeat customers who truly admire and support the products.

“We know our products speak for themselves in terms of quality, style, and story so it’s a matter of getting people to take that first step with us. It’s also very rewarding to be supporting these special heritage Italian brands and giving them exposure to new audiences and telling their unique stories in North America,” mentioned Parsons.

Mozzafiato chair

As a CEO, Parsons has a word of advice she would give to others hoping to launch a business of their own:

“I’ve had a pretty demanding career over the years. However, going all-in with starting a new business from scratch has required a whole new level of discipline, intensity of time, emotional commitment and overall challenge,” explained Parsons. “My advice to others is to absolutely do it if you have the chance and have done your homework on the concept. First, get all your energy ready to fire in that one direction with 100% focus.”

In the next five years, Parsons hopes for Mozzafiato to become empowered in the North American beauty and grooming market. Moreover, Mozzafiato is currently continuing to grow and build a community of men and women who appreciate these unique Italian products. Her expertise and success are inspiring for the Mile High City.


All photography by Mozzafiato.

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