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Let’s face it — you probably know someone who swears by CBD oil for helping them sleep or relieving anxiety. Or, you might even have heard that the use of CBD finally made their dog stop barking at the fireworks. Indeed, this non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound is everywhere these days, showing up in shampoos, gummy bears, body oils and even pet treats.

Considering the growing interest in CBD products globally, you might mistakenly think that cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) has always been in demand. The truth is, this sudden popularity started just a few years ago and has snowballed ever since. In fact, there are many things that have helped the CBD industry to gain huge traction over the past couple of years, such as the following factors:

Potential Health Benefits

The main reason CBD is so popular nowadays is that many individuals believe that this substance can offer various health benefits and healing properties. With all the preliminary research, press reports and a variety of products, more and more consumers have come to learn about what CBD is and what it can do. Now people use it for everything — from taking CBD oil for sleep and anxiety to aid relaxation and promote rest to applying CBD topicals to relieve pain and different skin conditions.

There have also been some changes in laws regarding the use and purchase of CBD-infused products, which also has given a boost to the industry. Since various regulations have made CBD much more available to more countries and more people, more consumers have started purchasing these products.

Celebrity Endorsement

Another reason cannabidiol has become more popular is that there are now many celebrities who love using CBD due to its promising benefits. Not only celebs have turned to cannabidiol to help manage their ailments, but some of them have also developed their own CBD lines or have launched CBD brands to deliver the best CBD oil for pain, sleep, anxiety and other conditions.

From Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian West to Morgan Freeman and Ryan Tedder — a good old celebrity endorsement is what advertising executives dream of because it helps to increase consumer engagement. This means that celebrity endorsements have allowed more people all around the world to understand that CBD is safe to use and even useful to buy.

An Increase in Product’s Formats

An increase in product selection has also had a positive impact on the industry, with sellers and manufacturers now offering more options than ever before. People can choose not only from different types of CBD extract like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate, but also from different products forms like CBD oils, drops and tinctures, gummies and other foods, skin and hair care products, vape oils and vaping devices and more. 

This means that users can get the positive effects of CBD through the various administration methods (oral, sublingual, topical, inhalation) while finding the right product has become much easier.

At the same time, aside from an endless variety of CBD products, there are now more CBD companies and brands than ever before, providing a lot of options for customers but also opening room for dishonest sellers. Of course, it is crucial for consumers to make sure they always buy from reputable sources in the industry to ensure the CBD products are both safe and effective. Alphagreen is a solution for consumers that need natural aid and peace of mind while shopping for CBD.

Alphagreen – Your One-Stop Shop For CBD & Alternative Healthcare Products

Cannabis leaf and bush in vitro.Cannabis cultivation concept for oil, medical purposes.
Photo Courtesy of Alphagreen

Alphagreen is Europe’s leading marketplace aiming to bring the best of the healthcare products market all in one place. Founded in 2019 by the two enthusiasts Alexej Pikovsky and Viktor Khliupko, the company is a great example of how love for health and wellbeing combined with a passion for innovation and technology contributed to becoming one of the popular platforms in the industry.

What Makes Alphagreen So Unique?

Leading Brands & Certified products

Instead of filling the market with synthetic and low-quality overpriced products or jumping on trend bandwagons, Alphagreen works closely only with well-established, trustworthy and reputable brands, providing thousands of certified CBD products and alternative wellness supplements. 

This way, each customer can be sure only high-quality products make it onto Alphagreen marketplace and into your hands, whether it’s CBD or other natural supplements related to your wellbeing. 

A Curated Collection of the Best Products

Whether you are looking for a fruity flavored or unflavored CBD oil, a water-based CBD cream or buttery CBD balm, a disposable or refillable CBD vape pen or maybe for some mouth-watering CBD drinks and snacks, Alphagreen has the perfect product to fit your particular needs.

If you prefer to take your time and consider the available options, you can simply visit Alphagreen’s hand-selected collections of special offers, new arrivals and bestsellers that will help streamline your shopping. 

To help you narrow down your possible options, the company has also created an interactive quiz. After answering a couple of simple questions and submitting your responses, you will receive a customized shortlist of recommended CBD-enriched products that suit your needs. 

Health & Wellness Journal – Alphagreen Academy

Alphagreen Academy provides customers with an educational blog that can help you at every step of your wellness journey. This includes the latest research in alternative health care, evidence-based guides for modern supplements and treatment options, top products on the website and spots where you can try out CBD.

Great & Caring Customer Support

Alphagreen’s goal is to offer users a safe and positive e-commerce experience from start to finish. In addition to providing safe and potent solutions and educating with accurate information, the company is committed to offering great and caring customer support. 

The team of experts is always ready to answer your questions via live chat so you can continue to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD and other alternative healthcare products with peace of mind!

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