Denver’s Bread Club Cares About Community and Carbs

Rebel Bread continues to revolutionize the baking scene in Denver since its inception in 2018. Founder Zach Martinucci shows his expertise in San Francisco sourdough – ensuring every loaf is properly airy, yet chewy with just enough tanginess. But regardless of what’s on the menu, Martinucci believes in the community that breaking bread leads to, which has led him to his next venture – Bread Club.

Inspired by his podcast Against the Grain, this club turns the music down and turns relationships up by forging connections between customers and an entire web of micro-bakeries around town through this subscription service. Available through delivery and pick-up, you can get artisanally crafted bread and pastries to your front porch for an extra $4 added to the order

San Francisco sourdough loaf. Photo by Rebel Bread.

Both delivery and pick-up take place every Thursday. Deliveries will run between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Their production lab is their designated pick-up location at 675 south Broadway just off of I-25, from 9 a.m to 2 p.m. Customers place orders at least three days prior to delivery or pickups. People should set their alarms for Monday to makes sure when Thursday rolls around, it includes some carbs.

The club is flexible. Members can skip weeks if they are off on vacation. They can choose to have a one-time drop-off or the subscription can last as long as you please. They’re baking all the time, waiting for any and all to order a box.

Box of pastries. Photo by Rebel Bread.

They suggest a box of one loaf and four pastries – pastries come in sets of two – but it’s customizable to most any household. The maximum order would include four loaves of bread and eight pastries.  The tried and true specialties like the San Francisco sourdough will always make an appearance — equally so goes for the chocolate croissant. Fans will get to know their creative flavors after being subscribers long enough or heading to their weekend counter for an extra fix.

The inside of a cacio e pepe croissant. Photo by Rebel Bread.

Other options include a cacio e pepe croissant that has speckles of black pepper and an extra finish of grated Parmigiano and a savory Monkey Bread made with everything bagel spices and filled with a cream cheese dijon spread. But it’s not just Rebel delicies found in these boxes —  this club highlights Mantinucci’s baker friends as well.

“Rebel bread has always been rooted in community, so this was the next step in expanding that,” said Mantinucci. The club is growing into an outlet that more local bakeries can use to get their products to customers more effortlessly.

Free Bake is one of the first members to join alongside Rebel Bread. This Boulder and Denver-based baker brings a refreshing mix of both sweet treats and a swell risen loaf. Her menu rotates on her current order site to include, iced pop tarts with in-season fruit, babka using a sourdough starter and pierogies. The first order from Free Bake will take place in June. This club is by no means exclusive, instead, bakers are encouraged to reach out to Rebel Bread with the hopes of a collaboration to come.

COVID prompted the acquisition of many subscriptions – especially Netflix. Now as communities continue to reunite as a state of normalcy emerges, Bread Club will surely be one that lasts.

For more information about Bread Club, go here. For those interested in collaborations, go here