New Colorado Music You Should Know – March Edition

 Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

With vaccinations being distributed across the country, there is increasing hope that in-person concerts will become more frequent, and eventually with higher capacities. As music lovers across the Mile High anxiously wait to see how soon we can all return to our favorite music venues, many are looking to the local scene to see what small capacity shows they might be interested in attending while awaiting to see when national acts will return to their busy touring schedule. This month’s round up of Colorado music features artists from a variety of genres to help you expand your musical tastes and hopefully find a new favorite local artist.

Five Up and Coming Local Acts

Micki Balder

Listen if you like First Aid Kit

Always drawn to music, it wasn’t until 2018 that singer-songwriter Micki Balder began writing music of her own. After much polishing, Balder released her debut single just last month. “Land to Build a Home On” is a promising release from the rising artist, making her one that we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on as her discography grows.

The Mañanas

Listen if you like Boy Pablo

A Denver-based duo, The Mañanas spent much of quarantine focused on a seven-track EP that was released in February. Collaborating with other musicians around the world in spite of the pandemic, the duo’s debut EP sets them apart as a powerful force within the local music scene.

The Hg Collective

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Blending genres and relying on a variety of influences, The Hg Collective could be described as a community of musicians and creatives. With nearly 25 members, the music group defies any genre classification as the members, and consequently the influences, vary in their contribution to each individual track.

Plume Varia

Listen if you like Chelsea Wolfe

Husband-and-wife duo Plume Varia combine soft vocals with dark and lonely instrumentation to create music that is ultimately ethereal and entrancing. Slow melodies underscore the melancholy pop, while vocalist Cherie Ray Cobbs’ lyrics captivate the imagination.

Sweet Radish

Listen if you like Twisted Pine

Led by vocalist Morgan Velasquez and producer Abe Rosenberg, Sweet Radish draws on Americana and bluegrass roots, finding inspiration in post-industrial folk. Ultimately, these influences result in a unique sound that couldn’t be more at home than it is among the local bluegrass scene.

Five New Local Songs

Isadora Eden – “Choke”

Listen if you like Daughter

With the release of her latest EP, Up All Night, Isadora Eden firmly cements herself as a burgeoning shoegaze artist, a departure from her previous releases which could be described as more acoustic and folk-inspired. The first track off the EP, “Choke” is dark and ethereal, allowing Eden’s lyrics and vocals to shine.

YaSi – “Guilty”

Listen if you like bülow

Brutally honest, YaSi’s “Guilty” grapples with complicated situations and how moral gray areas may ultimately hurt with the ones we love. Questioning where her own ethics come into play, the local solo artist bares it all on her latest single.

ReSrface – “Give Me 100”

Listen if you like Futuristic

While 2020 only saw three single releases from ReSrface, 2021 is already off to a strong start with the release of “Give Me 100.” Working with Futuristic, the single is undeniably catchy and, in the artist’s own words, “feels like it could be played in a strip club without question.”

Livingston Crain – “Wawawa”

Listen if you like Y2K

A cover of Y2K’s “Wawawa,” local producer Livingston Crain draws inspiration from surprising places for his rendition of the track. Highlighting the screaming vocals of hardcore, Crain’s version of “Wawawa” would fit in perfectly on the next Punk Goes Pop release.

Kid Astronaut – “No Consequence”

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The first track off Kid Astronaut’s latest album Cosmos, “No Consequence” is a strong opener for the album which showcases a different side of the local solo artist. Collaborating with different creatives from across the country, the album is the product of the creativity of Kid Astronaut’s manager, who conceptualized the LP and arranged for the collaborations.

Five New Local Music Videos

LVDY – “Magic Maker”

Listen if you like Xavier Rudd

Fittingly released on Valentine’s Day, LVDY’s music video for “Magic Maker” is filled with heartwarming clips of what it looks like to love and be loved. Capturing the emotion of the moment, from comfortable nights at home to the anticipation before saying “I do” and everything in between, LVDY’s latest music video provides some much-needed warmth and fuzzy feelings that we can benefit from.

Machu Linea – “POPSTYLE”

Listen if you like Kelela

A surrealistic look into the mind of local artist Machu Linea, the video for “POPSTYLE” is as psychedelic as the song itself. Featuring local vocalist Mica Ray, the song blends influences from electronica, R&B and pop, among other genres.

Schama Noel – “Big Plans”

Listen if you like Kendrick Lamar 

A tribute to Chadwick Boseman, the music video for “Big Plans” opens with a striking clip of Malcolm X speaking before launching into Schama Noel’s powerful lyrics. A touching tribute to Boseman, the video draws on Blank Panther iconography, ultimately ending with a call for action and unity.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves – “Deal Rag”

Listen if you like Escape From the Zoo

Teasing their upcoming album Stolen Goods (which is scheduled for release in May), Tejon Street Corner Thieves let the washboard take center stage in “Deal Rag.” The ragtime tune is set to be the first track on Stolen Goods and explores what happens when making a deal takes a turn for the worse.

Riley! – “It’s All Downhill From Here”

Listen if you like Microwave

Providing a glimpse into their future, the latest music video from local band Riley! is nothing but pure fun.  Following members of the band in old age, as they break out of the confines of their home, they go on a wild adventure through town proving that you’re only ever as old as you feel.