Comedy Works Planning to Re-Open With Denver Comedian Adam Cayton-Holland

Adam Cayton-Holland. Photo by Brittany Werges
Photo provided by Comedy Works.

As the global pandemic stops stalking us, the comedy industry is ready to get back on its feet and make us laugh again. Comedy Works is scheduled to reopen at the Landmark location on March 11 with Adam Cayton-Holland after the venue’s latest closure on November 15. The Larimer Square location is scheduled to reopen with Brendan Schaub since closing in March of last year. President and CEO of Comedy Works, Wende Curtis, has been among the many in Denver’s comedy business affected by COVID. Despite a rocky last year, Curtis has a positive outlook towards the future, “I will move past this mess. I am empowered with a lot of common sense and ‘I eat NO for breakfast’ [Kamala Harris said that]. So, my future may be tough, but it’s also very bright.  I’m not going down and fuck this pandemic if it thinks it was going to take me out.”

Both locations have a promising lineup scheduled for 2021. Others on the schedule are Tim Dillon, Craig Robinson, Michael Rapaport, Christina P. and more. So far, the schedule is filled until the summer. More acts are likely to join the lineup as the pandemic continues to be monitored.

Photo courtesy of Comedy Works.

“If COVID’s taught me one thing, it’s that you’re foolish to predict,” said Cayton-Holland, “The public gathering business is not a good one to be in during a pandemic. Go figure.”

Despite having success beyond stand-up, like his podcast with fellow comedians The Grawlix Saves The World and half-hour comedy Those Who Can’t on HBO Max, Cayton-Holland is eager to step back onto the live comedy stage.

“I think people will quickly want to get back to restaurants, concerts, comedy, gathering because we all miss that stuff. But I think there’s going to be a gap where people feel safe doing that. I think once the bulk of the country is vaccinated, and life’s back to normal, we’re just going to want it so bad that we’ll explode back into the things we were doing before.”

Adam Cayton-Holland is scheduled live in person and virtually at Comedy Works South at the Landmark on March 11 at 7:30 p.m. Until then, check out some other funny people.

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