This Week In Concerts – Goth Babe, Ramakhandra, Zach Heckendorf and More

Although coronavirus is still a serious threat, normalcy is beginning to make appearances in various altered and socially-distanced ways. In Denver, music venues are experimenting with new rules such as limited capacity and social distancing measures in order to reopen their doors after being shut down for months. We’ve compiled a few of the in-person concerts going on in the Mile High City over the next seven days for you to use at your convenience. If you choose to attend one of these events, make sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing for best results. If you’re not comfortable going out quite yet, some venues are also holding virtual events that we’ve listed below as well.

The Bluebird Theater

Photo by Mark Tepsic

7/6 – Goth Babe

Nocturne Jazz


7/8 – Paul Mulliken + Joey Glassman Quartet

7/9 – Peter Stoltzman Trio

7/10 – The Ben Markley Trio

7/11 – Alejandro Castaño Quartet @ Nocturne Jazz

7/12 – Dawn Clement Trio

Larimer Lounge

Photo by Kori Hazel

7/10 – Specific Ocean

7/11 – Matt Rouch & the Noise Upstairs (Early Show)

7/11 – Matt Rouch & the Noise Upstairs (Late Show)

7/12 – Zach Heckendorf (Early Show)

7/12 – Zach Heckendorf (Late Show)

The Gothic Theatre

7/11 – Stephen Malkmus w/ Qais Essar & the Magik Carpet

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

Photo Courtesy of Rainy Eyes on Facebook

7/12 – Rainy Eyes


Lost City Live

7/10 – Paul DeHaven/Lillian 

7/11 – John Common/ Rene Moffat 

Online/Virtual Concerts

Levitt Pavilion

Photo by Kori Hazel

7/6 – Ramakhandra

7/8 – Greyhounds

Dazzle Presents

7/6 – Taylor Scott Band

7/7 – Jenna McLean Quartet

7/8 – Alejandro Castaño Trio

Swallow Hill Music


7/9 – Jen Hitt

7/7 – David Dinsmore

7/8 – Mary Flower

7/8 – Citrus

7/9 – Aaron McCloskey

7/10 – Alex Rhodes

7/10 – Old-Fashioned Hootenanny…On Zoom

7/11 – Catie Curtis

7/12 – Ellis Paul

The Venue

7/8 – BLM Fundraiser/Livestream w/ Amalgam Effect

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