A Boulder Company Has Started a CSA For Cocktails

Typically, when you hear the acronym CSA (community supported agriculture) — it usually refers to a program where you can buy produce directly from a farmer. But that’s not always the case. You can find a CSA for lots of different goods — including everything from beer to bread, coffee and honey. Now, the term CSA is often a stand-in for a subscription service that connects local makers directly to their community. That seems to be the case for Boulder’s Cocktail Caravan and its new  Community Supported Cocktail program (CSC).

Cocktail Caravan founder Crystal Sagan explained they came up with the idea after their sole revenue source dried up with the recent crisis.

“We have zero events right now, which has traditionally made up 100% of our revenue. CSC gets us somewhat back up and running so we’re able to provide staff with much needed hours and lets us share what we do best with our community,” she explained.

To keep it within the CSA theme, the program offers made-to-order mixers that focus on fresh local produce. They believe this is what makes their batch drinks special rather than using infused liqueurs or mass-produced sugary mixers anyone can buy from the store. There is a catch — the mixes are booze-free so you’ll have to supply your own spirits. But considering the time, effort and cost of all the additional ingredients you need for most cocktails, the CSC is meant to be a no-brainer. Just add booze and stir. It’s also good for people looking for low or no ABV drinks as you can use the mixers for mocktails as well. 

Current mixers include a Garden Gimlet made with fresh cucumber, ginger, serrano pepper, lime, and basil. They suggest adding in gin, vodka, tequila or sparkling water.

As for the cost, the program has two options — a single share for $96 that provides one bottle a week for six weeks or a double share for $192 for two bottles a week for six weeks. Each bottle is about five drinks, and the cost per serving comes out to about $3 each. So realistically you have to really love a good cocktail to sign up.

If you know someone that may need a drink, you can also nominate a community member to get a free subscription. According to their release, “qualified community members range from healthcare workers and parents-turned-teachers to anyone who deserves to be appreciated during these challenging times.” Contenders can be nominated via their contact us page.

If you’re curious about this week’s flavors or want more info on how to sign up, go here. The deadline to apply is April 20. 

All photos courtesy of Cocktail Caravan.

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