29 Nontraditional Colorado CSAs to Check out

By now you probably already have a great community-supported-agriculture (CSA) share membership with one of your favorite local farms. But community supported agriculture goes beyond just fresh vegetables. Many Colorado farmers, brewers, bakers and artisans have started their own CSA programs. From biweekly packages of organic meat to weekly bouquets of fresh flowers, Colorado’s farmers have you covered. We’ve rounded up some of the oddest – yet coolest – CSA subscriptions in the area, so you can celebrate CSA day and support local artisans.

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Beer and Wine

Photo courtesy of Call to Arms Brewing

Lady Justice Brewing is a female run, philanthropic, community supported brewer and offers three-month CSBs. Members receive one 32 ounce crowler of an exclusive beer each month. Subscribe to their mailing list to learn when you can sign up for the next season of beers.

Soul Squared Beer is a farm-based brewery and offers a six-month CSA of craft beer to all members. Choose between a full share for 12 bombers a month, a half share or a quarter share. The next available CSA season starts in July. Click here to download the membership application.

Call to Arms Brewing has expanded their Community Supported Artisans program for 2019. Along with two crowlers of their own beer, CAB partnered with Colorado Craft Butchers, Raleigh Street Bakery and The Noshery to include select cuts of meat, bread and sweet treats to your monthly package.

Cure Organic Farms offers a wine and cheese share in partnership with Cured in Boulder. Running a duration of ten weeks, members will receive a bottle of wine paired with a cheese. Visit the Cure Organic Farms website to learn more.

63rd St. Farm in Boulder is offering a Community Supported Wine program with Settembre Cellars Wine. Choose between seven, 12 or 21 bottles for June through October. For more information on the CSW, click here.


Photo courtesy of The Veg Yard

Moxie Bread Co is working with Cure Organic Farms this season to offer a bread share. Members will receive one loaf of the baker’s choice and two Kougin Amann pastries each week for 20 weeks. For more information visit Cure Organic Farms’ website.

Cure Organic Farms is also offering a gluten-free and vegan bread share this season with Kim & Jake’s Cakes. Choose either one loaf every week or every two weeks for 20 weeks. More information can be found here.

Baked5280 is offering fresh bread all summer long with GoFarm Co-Op. Members will receive one loaf of bread weekly or biweekly through the season (June 12 through October 25). For more information, visit GoFarm’s website.

The Diaz Farm is run by Pepe Diaz, the guy behind The Revival Bread Company. The farm is offering a sourdough bread share through Revival this season along with their vegetable and egg shares. More information on the Diaz Farm CSA is here.


Photo courtesy of Conscious Coffee

Conscious Coffee is partnering with Cure Organic Farms to offer a coffee share this year. Members will receive one pound of fair trade, organic, non-GMO coffee every other week for ten weeks. Decaf coffee shares are available. Visit Cure Organic Farms’ website to sign up.

63rd St. Farm works with The Coffee Ride to provide coffee shares in addition to the farm’s vegetable shares. The Coffee Ride partners with small sustainable farms and will deliver all CSA shares to 63rd St. Farm via bike. More information on the Coffee Ride shares is here.


Photo courtesy of Cure Organic Farm

Cure Organic Farms offers shares of a dozen eggs each week for the 20-week duration of their CSA season. Click here for more information.

GoFarm Co-Op is offering a weekly or biweekly egg share this season. Members will receive a dozen eggs from antibiotic and hormone-free, pasture-raised chickens. The 2019 season runs from June 12 through October 25. To sign up, visit GoFarm’s website.

Amish Acres Eggs is offering an egg share through both The Veg Yard and Chatfield Farms’ CSA programs. Both CSA memberships offer a dozen eggs each week for 20 weeks in June through October. More information is here and here.

BlueTrane Heritage Farm allows members to sign up for an egg share in addition to their vegetable CSA. Choose either the summer season or year-round share with the option to get a full, half or quarter share. More information on BlueTrane Heritage Farms’ CSA options is here.


Photo courtesy of The Veg Yard

Cure Organic Farms grows flowers to offer a flower bouquet arrangement once a week for 15 weeks this summer to members. For more information on the species of flowers or to sign up for the flower CSA, click here.

The Veg Yard is also offering a flower CSA share this summer. Members will receive a bouquet each week for 12 weeks, June through September. To sign up, visit The Veg Yard’s website.


Photo courtesy of Star Acre Farms

Cure Organic Farms is offering a fruit share this summer. Members will receive about three pounds of seasonal fruit each week through the 20-week season. Visit Cure Organic Farms’ website to sign up.

GoFarm Co-Op is also allowing members to sign up for a fruit CSA this summer. Choose between weekly or biweekly delivery. For more information on the type of fruit GoFarm grows and offers in this share, visit their website.

Ela Family Farms is partnering with The Veg Yard to give Colorado residents a chance to eat organic fruit all summer long. Check the Ela Family Farms’ website for more information about signing up for their fruit CSA.

Star Acre Farms has a single share and double share option of fruit for this season. Single shares come with two to three pounds of fruit while double shares will have four to five pounds. For more information on the fruit offerings, visit the Star Acre Farms website.


Photo courtesy of Pasture Provisions

Jodar Farms offers a unique egg and meat CSA, where you can select what comes in your subscription. While the minimum order is $390 for the June through October season, you can choose select cuts of chicken, a dozen eggs and one-pound pork sausage to come in your CSA share. For more information, check out the Jodar Farms website.

Pasture Provisions offers CSA subscriptions of packages of grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture pork and free range chicken. Choose between small, medium and large shares – with or without vegetables – to be delivered monthly or biweekly. To sign up, visit the Pasture Provision website.

Trinity Ridge Ranch is partnering with Chatfield Farms to offer a CSA of yak meat. Starting in June, members can pick up one pound of yak meat every other week for 20 weeks. More information on the ranch and CSA offer is here.


Photo courtesy of The Veg Yard

Mile High Fungi is offering CSA options through both GoFarm Co-Op and The Veg Yard. GoFarm offers a weekly or biweekly small share, with five ounces of fresh or half an ounce of dried mushrooms, and a large share, which doubles the quantity of the small share. The Veg Yard offers one option for members to receive one bag of mushrooms each week for 20 weeks. To sign up for the GoFarm option, click here, and to sign up for The Veg Yard option, click here.

Hazel Dell Mushrooms is working with Star Acre Farms to offer a CSA featuring a variety of mushroom species. Choose between a half-pound full share or one-pound double share. To learn more about Hazel Dell Mushrooms or to sign up for the CSA, click here.


Photo courtesy of Lazy Bee Ranch on Facebook

Microgreens from BlueTrane Heritage Farm are available for a CSA share either seasonally or year-round with the option to get a full, half or quarter share. The microgreens are delivered live in 10-inch by 20-inch trays. More information on the greens and CSA opportunity is here.

Sprout City Farms is working with Teakoe and Lazy Bee Ranch to provide a tea and honey share. Once a month, members can pick up two ounces of loose leaf teas and a 5.75 jar of local honey. Click here to learn more.

Light Root Farm is offering a CSA share of raw cow’s milk through 63rd St. Farm this year. To learn more about their dairy cows click here, or sign up for the CSA here.