Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to Ellie.Herring@303Magazine.com for consideration.

Colorado continues to raise the bar with these recent releases from local talented musicians. This month we feature some of the best new music our state has to offer. From circus-themed jams to glitchy, bass bending bangers, this edition of New Colorado Music You Should Know is packed with talent and offers something for every taste.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists


Listen if you like Fleet Foxes

Photo courtesy of Moses

Sisters Cassidy Guttormson and Mackenzie Harlan play with the emotions of fans with their beautifully raw lyrics and vocals. With the addition of Mackenzie’s husband Paul to the group, Moses is a family affair that warmly invites the listener into their soul-filled project with open arms. Their first EP One Big Circle is a sentimental work of art that lingers in your thoughts and sticks around like honey in your heart.


Listen if you like The Floozies

Photo by @mountaintroutphotography courtesy of Collidoscope

This funktronic trio of high energy, musically creative performers are mastering the art of bending genres seamlessly throughout their discography and live performances. With a little bit of funk, soul, electronic and improvisational jam influences, Collidoscope creates a colorful tapestry of unique sounds that never lose their charm. By mixing live instrumentals with spacey electronic overlays, Collidoscope has a little bit of something for everyone to love.

Wolf Pact

Listen if you like Imagine Dragons

Photo courtesy of Wolf Pact

Wolf Pact is a three-man project by David Barella, Michael Payne and Nick Capobianco, who were former members of the Denver bands Bleach Blonde and 888. Their first single, “Overdrive” is an emotionally charged ballad with a catchy chorus and promising musical execution that leaves the listeners curious for what’s to come.

The Great Salmon Famine

Listen if you like Umphrey’s McGee

Photo courtesy of The Great Salmon Famine

The Great Salmon Famine is a playful five-piece group from Fort Collins that takes the classic jam band approach and mixes it with countless other influences ranging from surf-inspired reggae beats to psychedelic circus bluegrass mashups. It’s impossible to not have fun when listening to the The Great Salmon Famine — they provide the perfect pick-me-up suitable for any time of the day.

Stray the Course

Listen if you like Green Day

Photo courtesy of Stray the Course

While their name might suggest otherwise, Stray the Course is right on track to take over the pop-punk scene in Denver with their honest lyrics and real emotion put forth in their debut release, JetlagWith both electrifying and heartbreaking moments throughout their songs, Stray the Course holds nothing back for the listener. The result is an addicting first EP that leaves the listener ready for more.

 Five New Local Songs

Thought Process – “Idle Mind”

Listen if I like kLL sMTH

Dissolve into the technically exquisite glitchy raindrops of sound in “Idle Mind.” Thought Process crafts a soundscape of melodic beats that form a futuristic playground for the listener to get lost in. Thought Process pushes the boundaries of creativity in this well-crafted composition that’s both packed to the brim with unique sounds yet simply well-composed and put together.

Wounded Bird – “Don’t Tell Me”

Listen if you like Jason Isbell

Wounded Bird’s latest release “Don’t Tell Me” is an Americana and country-influenced song about the denial of heartbreak. Singer Molly Orlando and singer/guitarist Scott Warren harmonize on vocals to deliver a message that anyone can relate to. The pain in the truth of the message is concealed by the beautifully crafted and stripped down melody of Warren’s guitar for a single that’s a bittersweet touch to the soul.

Cycles – “Hang It Up On The Wall (Live)”

Listen if you like Phish

For jam bands, nothing beats the energy that comes from a live performance. Recognizing the magic from these moments, Denver’s Cycles released a compilation of live performances under the name Selections Vol. 1. The 11-minute long “Hang It Up On The Wall” is packed to the brim with impressive improvisational jams and fast-paced, high-energy stretches that take the listener on an unforgettable journey.

21 Taras – “Illegible”

Listen if you like Queen

Julian Fulco Perron’s powerful vocals bring a dynamic element to this 70s influenced rock band. Mix Perron’s incredible range with true rockstar-style guitar solos and the result is the instant classic “Illegible.” 21 Taras plays with the theme of salvaging a love that’s lost in this funky new single that’ll make you want to get up and dance.

Glass Cases – “Colorblind Mind”

Listen if you like Twenty One Pilots

Glass Cases takes a harrowing look at what the world around us is doing to our thoughts. In “Colorblind Mind” Glass Cases addresses the money-driven values society has adopted and questions the effects it has on our lives. This Fort Collins alternative band released the thought-provoking single with perfect timing and relevancy to the issues we face as a whole.

Five New Local Music Videos

Kayla Rae – “Remind Me”

Listen if you like Jorja Smith

Kayla Rae seductively enchants viewers with her silky smooth vocals and straightforward lyrics in the “Remind Me” music video. Lighthearted clips of electrically charged love dance between stunning shots of Kayla Rae for a flirtatious anthem perfect for heading over to see your boo.

Strange Americans – “Till You’re Told”

Listen if you like The Band

Equipped with various supplies, members of Strange Americans make an upward trek to seemingly complete a task. Playing with themes of the longing for the American dream, “Till You’re Told” tells it like it is and reveals that what they were looking for maybe wasn’t what they wanted after all. “Till You’re Told” makes you fall in love with the Colorado landscape and sound all over again while remaining true to the Strange American’s unique approach to rock and roll.

BooG – “Nicarus”

Listen if you like Tyler, The Creator

BooG creates a collage of trippy visuals that coincide with the sharp lyrics in “Nicarus.” Brimming with lyrical gems, this is not a song you can listen to once and catch everything. Both visually and lyrically there are layers of treats waiting to be discovered in this futuristic rap sound that BooG has successfully coined and uniquely made his own.

Kyle Donovan – “No Matter the Distance”

Listen if you like The Head and the Heart

Kyle Donovan’s feel-good song “No Matter the Distance” sings of pure, unconditional love. In this intimate music video that captures the emotion that went into writing the song, Kyle Donovan plays his no-frills love song with a gentle yet impassioned touch that wraps you around his lyrics like a soft blanket.

trash. – “Hands That Bind”

Listen if you like Paramore

In the “Hands That Bind” music video, lead singer Kayleigh Gustkey takes matters into her own hands by killing the overbearing lovers that get in her way. While taken to an extreme, anyone can relate the suffocating feeling trash. reflects on in “Hands That Bind.” Gustkey plays out the fantasies dried out love can produce for a dramatic music video that we can’t look away from.