The Inventing Room is Closing For The Winter But It’s Bringing Back Pop-Ups

Frozen Hot Chocolate at The Inventing Room. Photo by Marissa Kozma.


Denver’s ground zero for wacky, weird and wild desserts is closing for the winter season. The Inventing Room announced via Facebook recently that it will re-open in the summer of 2019, and while this is sad news for anyone with a sweet tooth — the masterminds behind this scrumptious shop are filling the space between now and then with some exciting concepts, like a series of pop-ups and themed dinners, to name a few.

“We are looking forward to having an opportunity to expand on some fresh & innovative ideas we have been trying to develop,” explained Chef Ian Kleinman. “While the holiday catering season is in full swing, the temporary closure of the dessert shop will give me and Stacey the time and opportunity to experiment with new & playful ideas and fun creations.”

The first of these ideas, the “Gobblefunk Dinner,” will be held on Wednesday, January 23 and will include a four-course dinner with paired liquid nitrogen cocktails. Tickets can be purchased here. In addition to the dinner, The Inventing Room will host a series of pop-ups, though dates have yet to be announced. For more information regarding the Inventing Room’s menu and services visit the site here.

Photo courtesy of The Inventing Room via Facebook

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