While the opening for Meow Wolf Denver may be a few years off, come 2019 you can get a taste of the forthcoming art collective at Elitch Gardens. Announced today, the soon-to-be neighbors are teaming up for what they’re calling Kaleidoscape, “the first artist-driven dark ride the world has ever seen.”  What does that mean? According to the press release, it’ll entail “other-worldly motion, deep sound, wild color and interactive challenges that if well-played may just save the day.” Although that still sounds rather cryptic, Meow Wolf’s CEO is promising it’ll live up to their reputation as immersive artists.

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Rendering courtesy of Elitch Gardens.

“Meow Wolf artists love amusement park rides,” said CEO Vince Kadlubek.”They are works of art with architecture, pacing, sensation, color, theme and more. To create a dark ride has been a true dream of ours and we’re deeply honored to work with Elitch Gardens to create the first ride in the world that is also a multimedia piece of contemporary art. Over a million visitors have experienced House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe and we aim to pack as many mind-blowing visuals as possible into Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape—an adventure that will be a prequel experience to our blockbuster Denver exhibit in 2020.”

We’re still not sure what that means, but if you want to be the first to ride it you may want to snag yourself a season pass as pass holders will be some of the first allowed on when it opens in April 2019. In the meantime, hang tight on more details about the ride and whatever Meow Wolf decides to cook up next before it opens its massive Denver location in 2020.