It is always a struggle taking any cycling class, but try and survive one of Flywheel’s classes and not come out drenching. Flywheel Sports is a boutique cycling studio that started in New York and now has 42 studios across the US and is opening one in Denver’s very own Union Station neighborhood by the end of July.

Flywheel offers all kinds of classes; from high-intensity training to songs that you ride the beat to — they have all kinds of choices. They have stadium seating so everyone has a great view of the instructor, and a Torqboard so you can compete with your fellow riders based on your Power Score. Each Flywheel bike is equipped with a TechPack, which allows riders to see what Torq and RPM they are at throughout class, and after each ride the amount of calories you burned, average speed (RPM), total distance and Power Score are made immediately available through the Flywheel app.

They also have a separate room from the cycling studio called the “Precision Training” room in which Denver will be one of the first studio’s to offer FlyFIT (Functional Intense Training).  FlyFIT incorporates heavyweights and high-intensity drills to create a strong and defined lower body, arms, back, chest and abs.

“Denver is such a vibrant and energetic city and we couldn’t be more excited to bring all Flywheel has to offer to this thriving community,” said Flywheel CEO, Sarah Robb O’Hagan.

Like every new studio opening, Flywheel will be offering their cheapest membership options that you won’t ever see again — so you need to take advantage of it.  Flywheel is offering four classes a month + two bonus classes for $80; eight classes a month + four bonus classes for $144 and 12 classes a month + six bonus classes for $192.  If you want to purchases classes individually they are $28. They will also be hosting a couple of events before the grand opening. On June 20, Kimpton BORN Hotel is hosting a  Summer Solstice Rooftop Ride from 6 – 8 p.m. It is $30 a ticket, but it includes the workout, bites, and sips; you will be able to purchase your tickets on Eventbrite soon.

Flywheel is opening up early July at 1900 17th Street, Denver. If you would like to get on the list for more updates click here