The music scene in Denver never sleeps, and that means you have more new music from talented locals this month. Denver favorites like Trayce Chapman, YaSi, The Velveteers and more locals have released hot new tracks that you will definitely want to add to your playlists for the upcoming spring weather.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Ivory Circle

Photo courtesy of Ivory Circle on Facebook.

Ivory Circle is an indie-alternative band from Denver. The band just released the final installment of their Triangle Series EPs, titled Scalene. Their sound combines the soft and upbeat voice of vocalist Connie Hong, with shakers, unconventional drumming and guitar riffs and explores themes of self-identity, love and spirituality. Find their music here. 

Prep Rally

Photo courtesy of Prep Rally on Facebook.

Prep Rally is a fun electro-pop trio that has an uplifting sound perfect to jam out throughout the upcoming spring months. Their song “Can’t Be Trusted” has catchy lyrics, both acoustic and electric pianos and energetic electronic beats. Their music is hopeful, happy and perfect for an after-the-shower dance party in your room to brighten up your day. Find their music on Bandcamp here.

The Solid Ocean

Photo courtesy of The Solid Ocean on Facebook.

Denver-based The Solid Ocean serves up an indie-pop vibe. In preparation for their EP release, the band has dropped a single each month since January that is a mixture of electric guitars, electronic beats and pop vocals. If you’re looking for music to perk you up with powerful guitars, poppy beats and cute and catchy lyrics, be sure to add these guys to your playlist.  Find their music here.  

The Ghoulies

Photo courtesy of The Ghoulies on Facebook.

The Ghoulies are a fun-loving garage/punk rock band from Denver. Their music is as loud as it is catchy which means you might blow your eardrums out listening to them, but you also might want to keep blasting it louder and louder. They’re releasing a new album at the end of March titled Midnight in America which they said is about their, “love of obscure Americana, late-night AM radio shows, the weird moments you encounter on tour and our continuing love for the savior of our souls, Elvis Christ.” The album is sure to be as funny as it is punk rock. Find their music on Bandcamp here.

Moonlight Bloom

Photo courtesy of Moonlight Bloom on Facebook.

Moonlight Bloom is a psychedelic rock trio based in Denver. They are releasing their second album, Walking Tree in April which will showcase how the band experiments with their sound drawing from genres and styles like blues, jazz and rock.  The band says their mission through their music has been to meld the music of the ’60s and ’70s psychedelia with modern sounds resulting in what they said comes off somewhat like, “the musical baby of Hendrix and Radiohead.” Find their music here.

Five New Local Music Videos

DNA Picasso ft. Sidmfkid — “Jumpin Jumpin”

DNA Picasso and Sidmfkid are both rappers from Denver, and their music video together shows you what it’s like to party. Throughout the video for “Jumpin Jumpin” we see the two rappers indulging in the luxuries that come with being some of the dopest rappers in Denver—bottle service, blunts, hot women, sleek threads and popping parties. The camera angles, changing club scenes and visual effects make you feel like you’re part of the party, so throw on this video at your next shindig and it will definitely get the party jumpin’. Find more of DNA Picasso’s music here. 

Wes Dawg — “1:50am”

Wes Dawg is a rapper from Denver. In his latest video, you see how he deals with his problems at 1:50 a.m. As he raps about rolling away his problems, we see tons of blunt wraps, lighters and weed as he’s smoking and nonchalantly rapping about beauty in the struggle of life. If you need something to watch when you’re getting stoned in your room and contemplating existence, this is definitely up your alley. Find his music here.

Davey Daydream — “Backstage”

Davey Daydream is a guitarist, DJ, singer and rapper based in Colorado. The music video for his song “Backstage” highlights the street art that paints the walls of Denver as he smokes a joint, plays his guitar and performs his song happily and contently. His song is an ode to staying focused and staying on the right path which he performs with a unique style that combines rap and acoustic guitar. Find more of his music here.

English Majors —”Habits”

English Majors is a rock band in Denver. Their song “Habits” is about old habits and how people enjoy nagging you about them. For the entirety of the nearly three-minute video we see an adorable Labrador Retriever playing catch from the top of the stairs. If dogs are your thing or if you like funny rock songs this is the video for you. Find their music here.

The Jason Klobnak Quartet — “Inception”

Have you ever watched a music video for an instrumental jazz quartet? If you answered no, then there is a first time for everything with the music video for the song “Inception” by the Jason Klobnak Quartet. The seven-minute video is a trippy take on music having color as we see lines of red and blue moving with the different bars of music. We later see the instruments take on different colors and transform with the sound into different shapes and distortions as the music builds. Find the video here.

Five New Local Songs

YaSi — “Lie”

Photo by Meg O’Neill.

The wait is over and YaSi has released her latest fusion of r&b and electronic music with the song “Lie.” The short track draws you in with dark production, and subtle vocal distortions and she continues to pull you in with her hauntingly soft and soulful voice. If you’re trying to get over a breakup then put this on and lay in your bed and jam out to it. Find her latest single on Spotify here.

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Trayce Chapman — “Vices (Part II)”

Photo courtesy of Trayce Chapman on Facebook.

Trayce Chapman is well-known throughout not only the hip-hop scene but also throughout the entirety of the music scene in Denver. After a year without new music, he’s returned with his unique flow and his latest song, “Vices.” His raspy voice crisply kills each verse about the vices that tear into a rocky relationship while the production in the background keeps the song energetic. Listen to more of his music here.

The Velveteers — “Eyes Tell Lies”

Photo by Meg O’Neill.

The Velveteers’ latest EP is a breath of fresh air to the rock scene in Colorado. The song “Eyes Tell Lies” is a stand out track, with funky guitar riffs, haunting vocals and Fleetwood Mac and Pat Benatar vibes. The female vocals accompanied by the classic elements of rock instrumentals sets this band apart from others within the rock scene. Check out 303 Magazine’s review of the band’s sold-out release party here.   Find the song from their latest EP here.

Chase — “No Brakes”

Photo courtesy of Chase on Facebook.

The young Denver rapper Chase is back with his latest release, “No Brakes.” His latest song is unlike the hyped and upbeat songs we’ve heard from him in the past. Instead, the production is slower, incorporating more electronic beats, and a more somber and slower flow from the rapper. Find the song here.

Deadly Ever After — “Let the Music Do the Talking”

Photo courtesy of Deadly Ever After on Facebook.

Deadly Ever After is a newly formed rock band based in Denver. Their sound is loud, catchy and will make you wanna move in their latest release, “Let the Music Do the Talking.” If you like in-your-face guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums, then sit back, get ready to move and just let the music do the talking. Find their latest single here.