Today is the day — Yasman Azimi, professionally known as YaSi, dropped her latest single, “Lie.” In August, we spoke to the part-musician, part-fashionista about her eclectic style, her heritage and her on-stage presence. Today, our spotlight on her comes full circle with the release of “Lie,” proving that YaSi can be unapologetically herself and that her music and lyrics will still reach far and deep into the industry. She is the embodiment of ‘you-do-you,’ and is successful at it.

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The local artist got her start in 2013 while performing with H*Wood. She set off on a solo career in 2016, and so far, the last two years have agreed with her. Since her first-ever release of “B4 Me,” YaSi has been fusing R&B and hip-hop with her love of poetry, along with her Persian background. She prides herself on using her vulnerability to help grow as both an artist and a woman and the result of that has been a beautiful and flourishing career. YaSi fully embraces herself and Denver’s live music scene has quickly followed suit.


Courtesy of YaSi

Today brings the latest addition to YaSi’s repertoire, with the debut of “Lie” from this up-and-comer. It is hip-hop fusion, with a slow and distinct bassline that adds a darker element, complimenting the sensual yet haunting lyrics of a lover scorned. The track is short, but certainly not sweet, chronicling the aftermath of becoming an ex-lover, “Did you tell her that you love her yet? – do you regret it?”

And, there’s more. In celebration of the debut, she is hosting an art installation that will accompany a screening of the new music video for “Lie.” This event will be held at Fort Greene on February 24 from 4-7 p.m., and you can RSVP here.