8 Colorado Musicians With Their Own Beer


Beer and bands go together like peanut butter and jelly — at least in Colorado, that is — whether it’s being served at the concert or in the lyrics of a song, the junction has proved to be inseparable time and time again. Acknowledging this apparent pairing, many Colorado musicians and breweries have capitalized on the opportunity to consecrate the union. By bringing the tunes and the booze together in the form of special release brews, these breweries have gone full circle. This list is comprised of some of Colorado’s best talent and breweries meeting in the middle to create magic.

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1. GRiZ

Photo by Alden Bonecutter.

Unsurprisingly, one of Denver’s most beloved DJs has a beer in collaboration with one of Denver’s equally beloved breweries. Earlier this year, GRiZ in conjunction with Great Divide Brewing Company released Chasing The Golden Hour Ale. The brew is a take on the brewery’s popular Collette beer, but GRiZ’s adds Colorado peaches to the mix, making for a truly mouthwatering combination.

2. The Motet

Photo by Alden Bonecutter.

Last year, in celebration of the release of their new album Totem as well as a headlining performance at Red Rocks, Boulder band The Motet partnered with Denver’s Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project on two summer ales. The DAMN! IPA and the Totem Wild Ale were the resulting brews, with sunshine in mind.

3. Greensky Bluegrass

One has to make a bit of a trek to try Greensky Bluegrass’ brew. In conjunction with Telluride Brewing Company, the Greensky Blue Ribbon Lager was conceived. The light golden beer with a tinge of hoppiness was created to coincide with the great outdoors that Telluride is known for.

4. Leftover Salmon

Courtesy of Leftover Salmon on Facebook.

Celebrating both their respective 25th anniversaries in 2015, Breckenridge Brewing Company and Leftover Salmon teamed up to honor the occasion. Leftover Salmon released their album 25 commemorating the moment, followed by their collaborative beer, which was pinned as the ‘perfect beer for listening to live music.’ The resulting beer, the “Silver Salmon India Pale Lager,” had the complexity and taste of a typically heavier beer, but was light and refreshing going down — perfect for a pregame at Red Rocks.

5. String Cheese Incident

String Cheese Incident - Photog- Will Sheehan-6
Photo by Will Sheehan.

String Cheese Incident is no stranger to partnerships with breweries. The adored folk-jam band has collaborated with the likes of Boulder Beer Company as well as FATE Brewery extending their imprint beyond just music. For Fate Brewing Company, Kyle Hollingsworth, organist of the String Cheese Incident, utilized The Tea Spot’s Earl Grey Tea to create Fate Breweries “Apollo Tsai” brew. Likewise, with Boulder Beer Company, Hollingsworth created the “Hoopla Pale Ale,” a fruity and flavorful dry-hopped ale.

6. Head for the Hills

Photo courtesy of Head for the Hills on Facebook.

Fort Collins mainstay Odell Brewing Company brought about their collaboration with Colorado’s own Head of the Hills via a fan vote and accompanying visual for its making in 2013. Dubbed “Head for the Hills — Colorado Amber Ale,” the brew is a dry-hopped, aromatically fruity, white-headed amber ale.

7. Post Paradise

Colorado Musicians
Photo Courtesy of Post Paradise on Facebook.

Rising Fort Collins-based indie-rock band Post Paradise in partnership with the now-defunct Pateros Creek Brewery collaborated on a rye pale ale in 2015. The eponymous brew dubbed the “Post Paradise Rye Pale Ale,” proved to be a dream beer for band member Nick Duarte.

8. Denver Meatpacking Co.

Photo courtesy of the Denver Meatpacking Co. on Facebook.

Arriving just in time for this year’s Great American Beer Fest, Bruz Beers released a beer in honor of the band Denver Meatpacking Company. The Belgian BlonDMC, as it was called, came about from sheer patronage and admiration for the Denver band. Not only that, but the release also encompassed a listening party for the band’s new album. The beer as it stands currently was a one-off for the occasion, but a damn good one nonetheless. We can only hope they release a second edition soon.


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