For Denver’s coffee lovers, the fourth Grand Coffee Bazaar was a perfect start to a sunny fall Saturday in RiNo. Eighteen roasters from across the Mile High City gathered to showcase some of Colorado’s finest brews — offering up steamy masterpieces alongside local distilleries and craft breweries.

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The parking lot of the OZ Architecture Building was a perfect location for the Colorado roasters, whiskey distilleries, breweries and tea connoisseurs to set up shop and give Coloradans a coffee wake up call. 

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Whether you’re a lover of deep chocolate notes, light tropical blends or something as unique as a Vietnamese nitro coffee, the bazaar had something for every java preference.  But if you slept through your alarm this Saturday or simply didn’t know about the magic that is the Grand Coffee Bazaar, you won’t have to wait a year to try the fabulous cups featured. Here’s a run-down of each roasters featured bazaar blend, and where you can get it today.

Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Where: 3350 Brighton Blvd #110, Denver

Cost: $16 — website

Gotta try: the Vista Del Lago Costa Rican Blend, with notes of kumquat, apple and caramel that will transport sippers to a tropical oasis.

Commonwealth Coffee

Where: 5225 E. 38th Ave., Denver

Cost: $18 — website

Gotta try: the Ethiopian Guji Mormora Natural. Sourced from two family-owned Ethiopian farms this blend offered blueberry and floral notes with hints of dark chocolate for a bold fruity flavor.

Copper Door Coffee

The women of Copper Door coffee

Where: 932 Jersey St., Denver

Cost: $16.95 — website

Gotta try: the Sumatran Queen Ketiara Cooperative blend. Fig, cedar and key lime notes from the 100 percent women produced Ketiara Cooperative farm offers a fruit forward sip with lively acidity and creamy body.

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Corvus Coffee Roasters

Bottles of cold brew were next to the coffee beer offering from Black Project made in partnership with Corvus.

Where: 1740 S. Broadway, Denver

Cost: $4.19 per bottle — website

Gotta try: Corvus’ iconic cold brew coffee, a Rwandan sourced cold brew that offers a bright sip with notes of fresh berries for hot summer days or winter afternoons on the slopes. Additionally, for a hot option pick up Corvus’ Qore natural Ethiopian roast for a strawberry forward, silky smooth drink.

Dragonfly Coffee Roasters 

Where: Lee Hill Dr. #22, Boulder 

Cost: $12 — website

Gotta try: the Ethiopian Yobitu Koba. This fair trade organic roast offers a lively lemony acidity, with notes of peach, honey melon and a bergamot/earl grey tea finish.

Good Trip Coffee CO. 

Where: For purchase, go online

Cost: $17 — website

Gotta try: the Nicaragua Miraflor cold brew. A well-balanced and chocolaty roast with a smooth finish, perfect to pour over ice with a splash of cream or sip solo.

Method Coffee Roasters

Where: 4220 Jason St. Unit B, Denver 

Cost: $13.99 —  website

Gotta try: the POW roast. The Protect Our Winter Blend is a dark chocolate and hazelnut forward roast. Full-bodied and bold it is best prepared with a French press or espresso machine.

Middle State Coffee

Where: 17 E. 4th Ave., Denver

Cost: $19 — website

Gotta try: the Dulce Meloso blend sourced from Honduras with a clean taste of crisp apples, caramel and plum.

Novo Coffee 

Where: 1700 E. 6th Ave., Denver

Cost: $15 — website

Gotta try: the Panamanian Ojo Natural with notes of candied pear and milk chocolate for those who love a juicy, approachable cup of coffee.

Ozo Coffee Co.

Where: 1232-A S. Hover Road #400, Longmont

Cost: $17.50 — website 

Gotta try: the Organic Guatemala Conception Huista blend, with notes of sparkling strawberry acidity, pomegranate and chocolate adorned by sweetness and a syrupy body.

Pablo’s Coffee

Where: 630 E. 6th Ave., Denver

Cost: $11.25 — website

Gotta try: the original Danger Monkey blend. A combination of Rwanda and Java sourced beans, this dark roast is full bodied, bright, earthy and silky.

Switchback Coffee Roasters

Where: 330 N. Institution St., Colorado Springs 

Cost: $18 — website

Gotta try: the Ethiopian Adado Natural roast. Sourced from the Yirgacheffe region of Western Ethiopia this naturally processed coffee offers the bold flavors of strawberries, blueberries, cherries and tropical fruits.

Saturday was, in the simplest of terms, a coffee enthusiast’s paradise. Buzzing from one fabulous blend to the next with small brunch bites woven in-between is the epitome (for many) of a well-spent Saturday morning in Denver. Whether you were lucky enough to grace the grounds of the Grand Coffee Bazaar this year or have to count down the days until it joins us again, one thing is for sure — the roasters and coffee’s they create are available in town. From a lemony Ethiopian blend on a crisp October day at Dragonfly Coffee to rich a chocolaty cup of Panamanian Ojo at Novo, these diverse blends are available at a roaster near you, right now. Get em’ while they’re hot.

All photography by Brittany Werges.