Staff Pick – Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream at Sweet Cow

sweet cow, ice cream
Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream on a Sugar Cone. Photo by Lucy Beaugard.

I’m a year-round ice cream parlor indulger. No need for summertime heat to have me wait outside for a fresh scoop on a cake cone. Actually, as an adult, I’ve tried to justify every sweet calorie with, “Hey, you walked today—that deserves ice cream.”

Photo by Lucy Beaugard.
Photo by Lucy Beaugard.

Every ice cream spot has a go-to scoop in my mind. Enter: Sweet Cow’s Oatmeal Cookie made from milk, cream, sugar and real oatmeal cookies. The simplicity of this cold and creamy indulgence exceeds all expectations. Every bite holds a soft-baked chunk of cookie, each almost better than the last. There’s something all-too-familiar and nostalgic about eating oatmeal cookie ice cream—a homage to time spent with my papa and grandmother as a child eating chewy, soft-baked oatmeal cookies, perhaps.

sweet cow, oatmeal cookie
Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream on a Sugar Cone. —Photo by Lucy Beaugard

A small-batch, in-house process with locally sourced ingredients is used to make their ice cream, which guarantees that each time you get a hankering for a scoop, it’ll be fresh and tasty. If you’re not one to crave oatmeal cookies, don’t fret, their six locations carry more than 24 flavors, including non-dairy options for those who can’t tolerate the cream. To beat that summertime heat, Sweet Cow’s Oatmeal Cookie should be considered in your ice cream flavor selection.

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