Om Body – Escape the Cold with Nicole Hagg’s Kind Hot Essentials

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Nicole Hagg wasn’t immediately drawn to Kind Hot yoga. “I took my first Kind Hot class in the Cherry Creek studio’s big room. At the end, I left with my feathers all ruffled and muttered to myself, ‘That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done and I’ll never do it again.’ True story. I presently teach six Kind Hot classes a week.”

Saturdays 1/2-2/7 @ Kindness Hilltop

Many yogis are familiar with Bikram. Kind Hot is similar and not. “It’s not ‘throw-up-on-your-toes-hot,'” explains Hagg. “We heat the room to between 85 and 90 degrees (think Florida in the winter), whereas many traditional Bikram classes are taught at 105. So it’s toasty enough to get your sweat on, but comfortable for most students. The slightly lower temperature allows students to stay more connected to their bodies and practices without overdoing it (thus preventing injury). It’s an extremely healing series which incorporates Bikram, Anusara and Hatha influences. It’s also inclusive. I get both yoga virgins and yoga veterans all the time. Kind Hot is ‘The Peoples’ Yoga.’”

Hagg has a knack for working with words. She’s contributed to both Elephant Journal and Suspect Press, a quarterly zine co-published by City O’ City owner Dan Landes. She’s also an avid reader and literature fan. Hagg’s experience in the reading and writing realms serves her well in the dharma-conjuring arena. “I love using the everyday and universal stories of life—the condition of being human—to convey various yogic principles and teachings. These stories and a bit of humor allow students to feel safe and seen, thereby creating an opening for reflection and application of the teachings—unique to their life experience.”

Kind Hot Essentials is a six-week series hosted by the Hilltop location of Kindness Yoga starting Saturday, January 9. For the down dog lowdown or to register,

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